A relaxing day at sea cruising towards home


I knew it was going to be a fabulous day when as I woke, the sun was just beginning to rise above the horizon.


I grabbed my camera and ran out onto the balcony and waited.  The sky was dotted with small dark clouds and just a hint of yellow and red hues could be seen on the horizon.


Slowly, slowly the sun bean to rise into the morning sky casting a long beam of light over the calm sea waters.  I do love so much to witness such beauty; it fills me with awe and beckons to me to have a great day.

Today is the last day for this leg of our cruise.  Our plan was to eat a quick breakfast at the lounge, put on our bathing suits and settle into lounge chairs at the Solarium pool.

Today I started a new book, James Patterson and Marshall Karp’s  NYPD Red 3.   I read the first two and thought I would try one more so I could make up my mind if I would continue with this series.  Not much of a fan of the two main characters.  We shall see.

It is a beautiful day with bright blue skies, very few clouds and calm seas.  It was just the perfect weather to bring everyone up to the pool deck for their last day in the sun before returning home.

Solarium Pool

Solarium Pool

We managed to find two chairs in the shade and settled in for a little while.  There was a meeting for consecutive cruisers at 10am that, fortunately, Randy volunteered to attend.  The only request he had was to purchase two tee shirts for him at the $10 tee shirt sale that would start soon on the other side of the pool deck.  “Not a problem,” I said as he went on his way.

As soon as he returned, I was on my way down to the promenade deck to take advantage of the ‘last day clearance event’ at the Logo Shop.  We both put our onboard credit from our wonderful travel agent, Andrew Skolnick of CruiseOne, to good use.  Thank you Andy!


By the time I returned it was lunch time.  Randy went off to get us some hot dogs and fries.  When he returned he mentioned that there was a ‘Thank You’ cake being displayed at the Windjammer and that I should go see it before it was cut.  So off I went.  It tasted as good as it looked.  It was very light and just plain yummy!


H2O Zone

H2O Zone

After a while, I decided to take a walk around the pool deck to see what was happening.  All the pools were humming as the day wore on with people sun bathing, taking cool dips in the water or just people watching and enjoying their day.  People were hanging, including me, over the railings to watch the ‘Guests vs Freedom of the Officers’ pool volleyball tournament.



Nightly appetizers in the Diamond Lounge.


We finally decided to head back to the cabin and prepare for the evening.  First stop, the lounge to have cocktails then on to dinner.



One of our table mates won a bottle of Champagne earlier in the week and tonight she decided to share with all of us.  We toasted each other and all agreed that it had been a wonderful cruise.


There were hard menu choices this evening.  I finally chose a shrimp cocktail to start, French onion soup with  Gruyère toast and, for my entrée, I chose a Tandoori chicken salad that was, all at once, spicy and cool to the taste.  The salad was made up of spicy chicken, julienne cucumber, fried pappadams and cilantro with yogurt dress.  The salad was delicious.

Although we are staying on the ship for the next leg of our trip, we were changing cabins.  So, off to the cabin to pack up.  Then run down to the photo shop to pick up our pictures and enjoy one last after dinner drink at the Bull & Bear.

As we were walking I saw a couple walking arm-in-arm in my direction smiling.  I broke away from Randy and walked over to the woman and said, “How wonderful it is to see you smiling.”

The woman I was talking to was the woman in the clinic the day I went to have my toe looked at.  She was obviously in considerable pain.  She looked at me and said, “They discovered that there was something wrong with my liver.  After many tests they gave me some medication and it has made me feel much better”.

“I am so glad they were able to help you,” I said.  Her husband thanked me for my concern and gave me a hug.

Then in front of the Bull & Bear was the woman who had broken her arm enjoying a cold beverage with her husband.

“How are you doing?” I asked.  “Did they did you get your hard cast put on at the clinic in Jamaica?”

“No, we were there all day and they never got to me,” she explained.  “But,” she continued, “the medical office made arrangements for me to go to a hospital in Grand Cayman and they took care of me very well”.

“Have you been having a good time?” I asked.  “Oh, yes, even though I have a cast on we have had a good time.  Not quite the time we expected to have but a good one nonetheless,” she continued with a big smile.

I told her how good it was to see that she was enjoying her cruise and wished she and her husband well on their way home.

It made me very happy to see these two people before I left the ship and know that their vacation experience turned out well.

This leg of the trip was just wonderful and filled with many wonderful memories.  Tomorrow we dock in Port Canaveral and then start the second leg of our rip to the Eastern Caribbean cruise.



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7 Responses to A relaxing day at sea cruising towards home

  1. Barbara Spivey says:

    Have a great eastern Carribbean cruise.

  2. helffrich says:

    Beautiful pictures. We just booked Freedom for Thanksgiving week for Western Caribbean. Love that ship.

  3. Andy Skolnick says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you had such a wonderful time. It is a pleasure being of service to you.

  4. Genny says:

    What’s a “pappadam”?

    • Genny–A pappadam is a Pakistani food of fried or cooked seasoned dough cooked with dry heat. (lentil wafers). Each time I have had them they have been fried. They seem to be a little different depending on the chef but good with the tandoori chicken dinner. Mary

  5. Well the end of one means the beginning of another for us with the prospect of meeting new people and new adventures.

  6. Bob and Sandy says:

    :Looks like wonderful fun was on hand AGAIN. Cant hardly wait until our cruise in Nov.

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