Hanging out at Buccaneer Beach, St. Maarten

View from our balcony early in the morning

View from our balcony as the sun rises above the horizon

Today we are trying a new destination in St. Maarten. I signed us up to go to a place called Buccaneer Beach at Simpson Bay. From what I read, Simpson Bay is the largest salt water lagoon in the Caribbean.


Coming into port

But first, up to the lounge for a lite breakfast. The view from the lunge was beautiful. The skies were a bright purplish-blue and filled with wispy clouds. The temperature was to go into the 90’s but there was a gentle breeze blowing promising to keep us cool on shore.


We made our way down to the pier to catch up with our tour and a short drive to the bay. Oh, my, when we saw what was waiting for us, we thought we had arrived at heaven’s gate.


Before us was a white sand beach with turquoise waters gently rolling up onto the shore. Our first stop was to stop and pick up our complimentary rum punch.

Randy 19

The beach was lined with padded beach lounge chairs shaded by bright yellow beach umbrellas. This was a small beach but just perfect for the 25 people in the group. Everyone had a chair and immediately settled into a beach chair or went straight into the water.


Cruise 21bThere were condos lining each side of the beach and several sizes and shapes of boats anchored off shore. When we first arrived several Pelicans were flying above the water looking for fish. As soon as a fish was spotted the pelican would put beak down and dive bomb into the waves. Every time one hit the water I would say, “BOOM!” Watching the birds was very entertaining.


Randy and I decided to sit for a while before entering the water. I wanted to start a new book today and was eager to get started. I finally caught up on the Alex Cross series, the Women’s Murder Club series and the NYPD 3 series. Today I would start Honeymoon the first in a series by James Patterson and Howard Roughan.



The water looked so inviting that I just had to get in. Oh, my, it was just amazingly, clear, cool and refreshing. Eventually, Randy joined me and we just floated around until it was time for lunch.  Some people had brought snorkeling gear and enjoyed swimming around.  At one point we watched as several people decided to kayak across the lagoon and one women who decided to try paddle boarding.


When we first came onto the beach we were given menus and told that everything on the menu that was $13 or under was part of the tour package. In no time Randy and I eyed what we wanted. Randy ordered the Full Rack of Ribs with French Fries and I ordered the ½ lb. Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise and French Fries.


What was really funny as we ate our lunch was watching Randy. He started second guessing himself ordering ribs at a beach. Once he sunk his teeth into the rib meat the expression on his face was priceless. He was in foodie heaven. He kept saying over and over again, “These are so good, so tender and so delicious. Who knew?”


My hamburger was cooked just perfectly and delicious too. What was really nice is that they delivered the meals to the beach.  Lovely.  We topped our food off with a cold drink, rested a bit and then went back into the water.


We finally returned to our chairs settling in for a bit before our wonderful beach break came to an end. While I was reading I happened to spy a sand crab skittering across the sand. I was amazed at the color of this small crab. If I was not paying attention I probably would have missed him. I tried to approach but he quickly made his way down a hole in the sand. Very funny!


We really enjoyed our time at Buccaneer Beach and put it on our list of places to return to sometime on a future cruise to the islands.


On our way back to the ship the bus driver pointed out a beautiful view of our ship in  Simpsons Bay Lagoon. She really is a beautiful ship.


The bus dropped us off near the pier. On our way back to the ship we stopped at a favorite bar called Sharky’s to enjoy a cold Carib beer before returning to the ship.

By the time we returned to the cabin we had just enough time to shower and dress for the evening. Cocktails and a simple dinner and then we returned to the cabin for a quiet night and sweet dreams of a wonderful day.

Tomorrow we are at sea as we start the journey back to Florida.



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4 Responses to Hanging out at Buccaneer Beach, St. Maarten

  1. Barbara spivey says:

    I love St. Martin. Once we toured Artist’s homes to see and buy their works. We also visited art galleries. I don’t know why but that tour is no longer available. I still love that island.

  2. Randy says:

    What a great day. Fantastic beach, warm clear water, surprisingly good food and a wonderful person to spend the day with!!!

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    Hope to see St. Martin some day. it looks wonderful.

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