Sunny skies, calm seas and artwork

"What a beautiful day"

“What a beautiful day!”

Today was the most laid-back day of our trip so far. Instead of sleeping in, we were up early to do as little as possible except just enjoy the day.

I managed to step out onto the balcony just after the sun had risen above the horizon and saw a beautiful golden sun leaving a gleaming line of light on the calm waters below.

Today we decided to try out the Concierge lounge, this lounge is reserved for Diamond Plus and above members of the Crown and Anchor Society. The Concierge lounge is located on the deck ten and is inside so no windows.

We talked a little with another couple. Eventually the Concierge lounge representative entered the room. I was a little disappointed that he did not greet everyone as he entered the room or notice that some new faces were there and make an effort to greet us.

We returned to our favorite, the Diamond Lounge. One of the things we love about the Diamond Lounge is, J.J.   J.J. is the Diamond lounge concierge and she is an absolute joy. Every morning J.J. greets everyone as she comes into the room with a big smile and singing, “What a beautiful day!”

Her beautiful smile always brightens the room and starts our day off with a feeling that the rest of the day truly will  be wonderful.

We returned to our cabin after breakfast for a couple of hours catching up on our email, checking out Facebook and reading.


At 10am we headed down to the Promenade Café for a scheduled “Coffee with Captain Ron and the Executive Committee”. The captain and several members of his executive staff chatted with passengers. Most people talk about things about the ship and the goings on around the ship.  Randy and Captain Ron share a love of motorcycles and so they spent a few moments exchanging thoughts about motorcycles.

After we shared a cup of coffee and chatted a little, Randy returned to the cabin. I decided to walk around a bit and look at various pieces of artwork around the ship.  There is so much beautiful artwork to be admired.  There are sculptures, paintings, photographs and so much more, I just love discovering something new each time I board a ship.


One of my favorites is the beautifully painted planes that are suspended on cables between the banks of elevators forward.  I have admired these planes each time we have cruised on the Freedom but until today had never been able to find the plaque with information about the artist and his/her work.  But, today I did.

These beautiful planes were created by Italian artist Antonio Riello.


“Komba Tiepolo 30” The paintings are inspired by G.B. Tiepolo’s frescos in Wurzburg Residence. The aircraft is a copy of an F18 (Hornet).

“Kompa Tiepolo 31” Paintings are inspired by G.B. Tiepolo’s in Wurzburg Residence and Venice’s Ca Rezzonico. The aircraft is a copy of an F16.

“Kompa Tiepolo 32” Paintings are inspired by G.B. Tiepolo’s frescos in villas of the countryside in Venice. The aircraft is a copy of an F16.

The pieces are made of fiberglass, resin, metal wood and acrylic. It was written about the artist:

Antonio Riello is one of those artists whose work does not aim at expressing his interior world, as required by romantic tradition. He prefers instead to aim his ironic interest towards the so-called “Art System.” These pieces explore the procedure of combining the possible relationship between “high” and “low” culture, mixing the perception of classical values with present and future technologies”.


I continued my walk around the ship stopping at two whimsical pieces that, as you can see, are self- explanatory. Both pieces, “Space Aliens” and “Moon Buggy” made with wood, metal and acrylic paint were created by British artist Keith Newstead.


These two small pieces brought a smile to my face as soon as I saw them.


IMG_2977Then there is a beautiful piece of engraved stone and gold located in an aft staircase called, “Earth Mantle” by American artist Larry Kirkland. Each time I up or down this staircase I found myself stopping and admiring this work. First I would step down several steps and admire the whole piece then take my time to look at each display case containing the beautiful minerals capture within.

IMG_2978The description of the work read: “This image of a contour map of one small section of the earth is the background for a 19th century engraving showing tectonic forces in the earth’s crust. The display cases feature minerals from various locations around the world. Some of the minerals included here are Amethyst, citrine and fluorite. This is one of the twelve wall installations relating to the four essential elements of our existence: earth, air, water and fire. The imagery connects us through various images and objects to remind us of the magnificent complexity of the world around us”.

As I was walking around the ship, I suddenly realized it was time to return to the cabin and prepare for the evening. Tonight we bypass the lounge and attend a Crown & Anchor Reception for Diamond and above members. This is always a nice event with members of the executive staff talking a bit about the ship, future cruises, and future planes of the Royal Caribbean line.

As usual dinner was delicious and our table mates were interesting and fun. After dinner we made our way to the Bull & Bear for an after dinner drink and people watching. After a while we returned to our cabin to get a good night’s sleep and hopefully wake to yet another ‘beautiful day’ tomorrow.


The end of a perfect day with a colorful sunset

Our beautiful day ended with a beautiful and colorful sunset.

Tomorrow will be our last full day at sea before returning to Port Canaveral, Florida.



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4 Responses to Sunny skies, calm seas and artwork

  1. helffrich says:

    Love all the artwork. I will really check it out in November. It’s been almost 3 years since we’ve been on Freedom.

  2. Lana says:

    Mary and Randy, You two are too much! Diamond Level!!!! How many cruises have you been on?
    Miss you guys. Glad to hear you are living it up! Lana and Barry

    • Hi, Lana–So far we have spent over 170 nights on cruise ships. We have reached Diamond Plus and will work toward Pinnacle. We miss you guys too!!! We are heading out to New Mexico next week to visit with Jim and Vilma. Can’t wait. Mary

  3. Randy says:

    I enjoy talking to our Captain, as we both have Honda Motorcycles. He actually has 2 Honda V65 Sabre’s like mine, he uses one for parts. He remembered me from the last time we talked Motorcycles on a previous cruise. Another great day.

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