Last day of our cruise packed with fun!

This beautiful model of the Morgan sits outside Vintages Wine Bar on the Royal Promenade

This beautiful model of the Morgan sits outside Vintages Wine Bar on the Royal Promenade


I started my day at 5:10am. At least once on any cruise, I get up early and walk around the ship taking pictures, enjoying the peace and quiet and hopefully capturing a beautiful sunrise.  One of the most photographed things on the Promenade is the Morgan that sits outside the Vintages Wine Bar.

The beautiful bridge on the Royal Promenade with Guest Relations on one side and the R Bar on the other.

The beautiful bridge on the Royal Promenade with Guest Relations on one side and the R Bar on the other.

The Cupcake Cupboard, Ben & Jerry's and Get Out There clothing store on the Royal Promenade

The Cupcake Cupboard, Ben & Jerry’s and Get Out There clothing store on the Royal Promenade

I love enjoying the ship this way. I get to take my time admiring all the beautiful things that I miss as we hurry to this activity or that activity.  The beautiful bridge on the Promenade was designed by American artist Larry KirklandAccording to what I read: “The bridge itself has ever-changing lights that suggests the evolution of the cosmos and the mystery of the origins of the universe”.  There are four columns that frame the bridge with a gilded angel atop each.  The angels are replicas of a bronze sculpture, Vittoria Alata (Winged Victory) that is in Positano, Italy.  There is always a line to have photographs taken on this beautiful, colorful bridge.


IMG_3015I started my walk at the Royal Promenade. I love the Royal Promenade and have written about the Royal Promenade over the last two weeks quite a bit because so much happens here.   The Royal Promenade is a beautiful pedestrian walkway that is 445 feet down the ship’s center with shops and eateries on either side.


At any given time guests spend a great deal of time passing through the Royal Promenade as they head to one part of the ship to another, catching a quick bite to eat, shopping at one of the many stores, partying to the music of a ship’s band or DJ, socializing or watching one of the DreamWorks character parade at the end of each cruise.



I suddenly realized that the sunrise was close so I made my way to deck 12 and walked to the back of the ship and found a perfect vantage point. There were a few other people waiting patiently for the sun to rise above the horizon. We were all rewarded with a colorful changing sky as the sun slowly rose into the morning sky.



I must confess that even after the sun made its presence known I lingered a just a little longer taking in the view and imprinting it on my memory before returning to the cabin to pick up Randy and head to the lounge for breakfast.




It was the last day of the cruise; what to do, what to do. Randy and I decided that our first activity of the day would be a round of mini-golf. This is one of our favorite activities on every cruise. Randy won again 23-28. Oh, well, there is always a next time.




That’s me holding on for dear life!

From there we wandered over to the 40-foot-long surf simulator, the FlowRider, to watch young and old try to stay on their surf or boogie board as long as they could. I tried this on the Oasis of the Seas in 2010 and had a grand time. And, yes, I was able to stay on for quite a while until I drifted over to the side and got off quite easily. No crashing into the backboard for me.

Randy enjoys sitting on the balcony...

Randy enjoys sitting on the balcony…

It had been a busy morning so we went back to the cabin for a little rest before heading off to attend the FreedomFest event on the Promenade.  The FreedomFest is a wonderful street fair

IMG_3013bWhen I was walking around earlier this morning there were only a few people in the Promenade Café. Once the FreedomFest starts the Promenade will be like any other town having a street fair; there will be hundreds milling about.


DSC01323By the time we made our way to the Promenade it was humming with activity with people crowding around each table anxious to taste all the foods that were on display, ordering Bahama Mammas, watching the many demonstrations that were taking place, buying last minute souvenirs, participating in games and, just having fun.


Apple strudel with vanilla sauce, chocolate covered strawberries, Black Forest Cake and chocolate covered bananas. YUMMY!

We managed to get a table outside the Royal Promenade Café. There was a table with beautiful desserts and breads on display that we had to try.  So guess what? We had dessert first. Each bite was delicious.


We then made our way down the Promenade stopping to watch a vegetable and fruit carving demonstration. I always find these demonstrations to be amazing. A little later we watched napkin and towel folding demonstrations.

My fun towel animal collection Oasis of the Seas October 2010

My fun towel animal collection Oasis of the Seas October 2010



I love walking into our cabin and finding a fun towel animal at the end of our day. There was a time when they would leave the towel animals in the cabins and I would collect all and put them around the cabin. Ah, those were the days.



Bull & Bear Pub

We continued our walk and came up on station with mashed potatoes, tandoori chicken, sausage, rice and other wonderful luncheon selections. This time we found a table at the Bull & Bear and proceeded to sit down and enjoy our wonderful lunch.



Then we stopped at the drink station and ordered two Bahama Mammas in fun, souvenir glasses with blinking blue lights at the bottom. We walked over to the R Bar and sat for a while people watching and enjoying our drinks.



DSC01364Before we knew it, it was time to go up to deck 10 and prepare for a behind the scenes tour of the bridge. We gathered and were escorted to the bridge. I was blown away at how large the bridge area was and what a beautiful view over the bow of the ship. Our guide was gracious as he answered all our questions and pointed out some interesting facts about the equipment on the bridge.

We made our way back to the cabin to finish packing and then prepare for cocktails and dinner. The dinner conversation this evening was especially lively and fun. I must say we have really enjoyed all our table mates on both legs of this cruise.


I decided to have the French Onion soup with Gruyère toast and Tandoori Chicken salad for dinner. Both were delicious.

After dinner we retired to our cabin to finish last minute packing and settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we dock at Port Canaveral, Florida and head home.



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5 Responses to Last day of our cruise packed with fun!

  1. Randy says:

    Ah, the cruise with my sweetheart is almost over and we have had discussions about staying on as we really enjoyed this 2 week back to back cruise. It is coming to an end, but both of us agree that it will be nice to get home. We will cruise again soon!!!!!!

  2. Barbara Spivey says:

    Sounds like a fun trip.

  3. helffrich says:

    Loved following along. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dee manin says:

    Loved your tours…Sam can’t travel anymore so we can see it all with you and Randy…and you are a great photographer!!!!take care….Dee

    • Hi, Dee–So glad you stopped by and left some words. I am also glad you enjoy the following along on our travels. And, thanks so much for the wonderful compliment on my photographs. Keep reading, Mary

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