Flying high to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit wonderful friends

Friends (clockwise) Mary, Jim, Vilma and Randy

Front-Vilma and Jim — Back-Randy and Mary

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels

Today was going to be a great treat. We are off to the airport to board a flight to visit our friends Jim and Vilma in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Visiting Jim and Vilma was a treat in itself but the extra treat for today was making the trip flying in first class.

Here we are enjoying a day in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Here we are enjoying a day in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

We have not seen Jim and Vilma since they joined us on a surprise cruise on the Freedom of the Seas to celebrate Randy’s 70th birthday.   It seemed that each time we tried to get together life got in the way.  So, we were very happy that we were finally able to find a window of time to visit.

Our flight was going to be very early in the morning so we made arrangements to stay overnight and leave our car at a Ramada Hotel in Orlando. The airport was not very busy at 5am so we breezed through security and made it to the gate in no time.

Waiting at the gate

Waiting at the gate

I have only flown first class one other time in my life but it was so long ago I had forgotten how wonderful this experience could be.  Two beautiful, wide leather seats, abundant leg room (this was very important as Randy is 6’ 3” tall), trays that swung out of the arm rest and a screen on the seat in front of us.

As soon as we sat down a flight attendant asked us if we would care for a drink. I asked for a cup of coffee and waited for everyone else to board.  What a treat; I sat back and enjoyed watching the morning news as I sipped slowly on my coffee.

Before take-off the captain walked down the aisle, shook everyone’s hand and said, “Welcome aboard”. I thought that was very nice.

image2 (1)b

Breakfast was wonderful. Our breakfast was served using plates, silverware, cloth napkins and glassware.  We enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, asparagus, breakfast potatoes, turkey sausage links, a fruit cup, orange juice, and to top it off, a warm biscuit with butter and jam.  Wonderful, just wonderful!

The flight was wonderfully smooth an uneventful although we circled the airport a few times before we landed in Houston, Texas where we made our connecting flight.

Enjoying a drink before we take off on the second leg of our trip

Enjoying a drink before we take off on the second leg of our trip

On this flight Randy decided to ask the flight attendant for a Jack Daniels and ginger ale as we were boarding. I thought that was very funny. I looked over at him and said, “Well, it must be 5 o’clock somewhere”.  Unfortunately, his excitement at actually getting his drink was short lived when he had only had two sips and it was whisked away by the flight attendant as the plane prepared to take off.


Once the plane was in the air, we were served glasses of orange juice and warm, thick, delicious slices of lemon cake.


Our home away from home in the Jim and Vilma’s ‘Little House’


The second leg of our trip was as smooth and uneventful as the first. Jim and Vilma picked us up and brought us to their lovely guest house.


DSC04651We spent some time settling in to what Vilma calls their ‘little house’ putting away our luggage and freshening up.




We called and they picked us up and took us to a little restaurant called Nosh Jewish Delicatessen and Bakery on Nob Hill.

The inside of the restaurant was small and intimate with tables lined up against the walls, menus posted on the wall, and a counter where you placed your order. There are also several tables outside. We sat at one of the sidewalk tables and just basked in the sunlight of this beautiful afternoon and enjoyed our sandwiches.


After eating so much food on the plane we decided to order one sandwich and share. We chose a smoked turkey sandwich on Challa bread and potato salad.  I must admit it was hard to pass up one of the delicious desserts I saw while waiting for our meal.  But, oh well.  Our sandwiches were delicious.  As we sat enjoying this beautiful sunny day, Vilma mentioned that there were several things we could do for the afternoon but one look at Randy and everyone knew that he needed a nap.  So, we headed back to the house for an afternoon rest.

Refreshed we spent the evening catching up and enjoying a great dinner of ribs, Jim’s special beans and salad and making plans for the rest of our visit. The one idea that kept surfacing was a road trip to see several New Mexico national parks.

Tomorrow we plan our road trip.



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4 Responses to Flying high to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit wonderful friends

  1. Linda says:

    Love it, Mary!!! Especially since I know all of you, and have been a guest myself at the not-so-little “Little House”! Saw many pictures of your trip on Facebook and it looked like you all had a ball!

  2. randy says:

    I was tired. So was Mary. After a short rest, I was ready to go again. First class was really nice, but I think about going home in steerage!!!!!

  3. Connie says:

    It is always great to see old friends. Ron and I made a trip to IL to see some friends for a few days. Then we went north to Joliet, IL by Chicago and stayed with my daughter, Danielle, and her husband, Scott, for a long weekend. Loved seeing them both. Naturally, I cried when we left for home. Enjoyed your story. We need to try first class. Never thought about it.

  4. Pat says:

    Love your food blog😀

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