Planning a road trip on a rainy day in Albuquerque

The Owl Cafe

The Owl Cafe

Today we woke to a sky filled with thunder, lightning, rain and a temperature of 49°.

There was some conversation of Randy and Jim going to the shooting range but that was put aside because of the rain. Instead Jim invited Randy to accompanying him to his plane hangar.  Jim needed to get some paperwork done to prepare for his 4-seat Mooney airplane to go in for annual inspection.


Mary, Jim and Vilma enjoying the sites along Route 66 in 2009

Mary, Jim and Vilma enjoying the sites along Route 66 in 2009


With Jim and Randy gone, Vilma and I set about to work on our road trip. While working on our project I remembered a visit we made to Albuquerque in 2009. Jim and Vilma took us on a wonderful road trip through the historic Route 66 corridor.  We loved all the old and curious buildings that lined the streets.



We had a wonderful lunch at Kellys Brew Pub.  The pub was originally Jones Motor Company, a Ford dealership and service station that was, according to its history, “the first station westbound motorists encountered as they entered the city on Route 66”.  I remember we had their Nachos and they were delicious.


I loved this building.


But, today we were making plans to travel south to visit some of New Mexico’s beautiful wonders. It was very evident from the way Jim and Vilma spoke of their home state that they were very proud of all it had to offer and they were eager to share their love of these wonders with us.


Really? Astro-Zombies. Loved the mural on this building.

Vilma and I sent our morning pouring over volumes of New Mexico magazine reading up on places to see, places to eat and places to stay.  Evidently, this was going to be a multiple day road trip.  Eventually, our plan included stops at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, White Sands National Monument, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Silver City, the Zuni Pueblo and the El Morro (Inspiration Rock).

I must tell you I was a bit overwhelmed but I was so excited and intrigued nothing else mattered except getting on the road.

We spent quite a bit of time looking at places to stay and finally settled on a cabin at the Bear Creek Motel & Cabins in Pinos Altos.

As soon as Jim and Randy returned we showed them what we had found and asked if they agreed with our choice; they did and we finalized our plans.IMG_1597Randy cThe rain had not let up so while enjoying a wonderful lunch, Vilma perused the paper to find a movie we could all agree to. After hearing the list of movies playing at local theaters, we decided to go see The Martian starring Matt Damon.

What a great choice. We all loved the movie.  I found myself totally absorbed and eagerly awaiting the outcome.  I especially loved watching, once again, man’s ingenuity in the face of adversity.


By the time we excited the theater it was time for dinner. We headed to one of Jim and Vilma’s favorite restaurants, the Owl Café.

The menu included many traditional diner selections such as burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and blue plate specials. But, the menu also included many New Mexican specialties, exotic flavored milk shakes and, Vilma’s favorite, the restaurant’s famous Green Chilli Cheeseburger.  We found it very interesting while we were visiting just how many food items include green chillis.  They even have green chili beer.  Too funny!


DSC04662bSince I was sitting in a 50’s style diner with booths all along the walls, mini jukeboxes in every booth and a counter in the center with swivel stools I thought; what else could I order but a cheeseburger and a vanilla shake?” And, so I did.  The burger was great and the shake was outstanding!

I was blown away when the shake came.  I expected a glass filled to the top with this wondrous concoction topped with whipped cream and a cherry.  What I was served was a glass plus the stainless steel container that it was made in it with what looked like yet another glass worth of shake.  I did my best to finish it all but in the end I had to plead with Randy to help me finish it.  He did so happily.

We returned to Jim and Vilma’s to pack up some breakfast foods and snacks we would need for our road trip then returned to our ‘little house’ to watch the news and get a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we are on the road heading south.



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One Response to Planning a road trip on a rainy day in Albuquerque

  1. Randy says:

    The food was great at the Owl and the movie was really great.

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