A day of pampering and partying at Senor Frogs in San Juan, Puerto Rico


The sun had already cleared the horizon when I stepped out onto the balcony and what a sight. The sky was bright blue with scattered clouds and streaks of pale yellow.  I stood there for a few moments trying to capture the picture in my head before starting my day.

Promenade deck

Promenade deck

Randy had a fitful night again and did not even stir as I got dressed and left the cabin. I made my way down to the Promenade Café to get a chai latte.  It is very unusual to see the Promenade empty so while I waited for my drink I took a few photos.

Two Poets Pub

Two Poets Pub



I took pictures of our favorite evening spot the Two Poets Pub, Vintages Wine Bar, the Café, one of the stores called The Fashion District and my favorite shot of the entrance to the Promenade from the aft section of level 5.



Ornaments 2

I just love the beautiful ornaments on the tree so, of course, I took a few of those too.

Beautiful decorations everywhere!

Beautiful decorations everywhere!

When my chai was done I made my way up to the Windjammer to have breakfast with our friends. I enjoyed their lively stories about last night’s entertainment.  Perhaps we will catch this act on our next cruise.

I had been excited about today because I was going to the Spa once again for a little pampering. This time I was scheduled for a manicure and pedicure.  But first, I went back to the cabin to check on Randy.  He was still fast asleep so, as quietly as I could, I left his breakfast on the table and left.

First stop on my way to the spa was to the excursion desk to cancel the shore excursion I had planned to take while visiting Puerto Rico. We were both planning on going but I had cancelled his ticket earlier on the cruise.  After looking at him this morning I decided that could not bring myself to leave him behind especially as we always have so much fun together.

Skyline of San Juan

Skyline of San Juan from our balcony

We had been to Puerto Rico several times before visiting Old San Juan, Castillo San Cristobal fort and having a great lunch at Restaurant Barrachina, the birthplace of the Pina Colada and loved every minute.  And besides, we will have other opportunities to return in the future.

Castillo San Cristobal Fort

Castillo San Cristobal Fort

I finally made it to the spa and when asked what color I would like on my nails I replied, “It’s Christmas so let’s go for a festive red”. Nails looking beautiful, I returned to find Randy up and dressed.  I was pleased to see that he had eaten the muffin plus the two kiwis that were in our welcome fruit basket.

But now he was ready for coffee. We made our way up to the Diamond lounge only to discover that the coffee machine was ‘out of order’.  We were told we could go down to the cafe and get a specialty coffee.  Two cafe lattes later we were heading to talk with the Crown and Anchor Society representative and stop at the photo studio to see the pictures that had been taken on the ship so far.

Senior Frogs

We docked at the pier in San Juan at around 2:00pm.  As we pulled in we noticed that there were some crewmen on the Holland America cruise ship tied up next to us stenciling the words, “Happy Holidays” on the side of the ship.  How wonderful, we thought.


I was able to talk Randy into getting off the ship with our friends for a short walk.  We stopped on the pier to have our pictures taken then off we went.

Puerto Rico

Randy’s goal was to go to the CVS drug store to get some Tylenol extra strength for his pain and return to the ship.  But as we walked along, the others wanted to stop at Señor Frogs for some chips, salsa and a drink.



Now does that look yummy or what? It was!

Now does that look yummy or what? It was!

As always Señor Frogs is a fun place to stop. Our waiter was energetic and fun and encouraged us to enjoy a specialty drink.  I ordered a drink called, the Dead Frog made with rum, vodka, peach schnapps, Señor Frogs mix and strawberry daiquiri.  The drink was the perfect color for the holidays, red and green.  It was delicious.  I love their nachos so I ordered a plate and shared with the group.

Connie and Dennis

Connie and Dennis

IMG_0365After we ate, Connie, Dennis, Bob and Sandy went off to do a bit of shopping. Randy and I returned to the ship.  I had been moving all day long and was very tired. As soon as I got into the cabin I laid down and quickly fell asleep.

We ate so late in the day that we decided not to go to dinner. Instead we stopped by the Windjammer for cookies and milk and went back down to the cabin for a relaxing evening.  As soon as we entered the cabin,  I realized I was so close to reaching 10,000 steps that I turned around and went down to the Promenade and walked around until I passed 10,000.  My final total for the day was 10,524.  Yeah!!!!!

So, my Fitbit numbers for the day were: steps 10,524, miles walked 4.20 and stairs climbed 38.

Tomorrow we dock in Basseterre, St. Kitts. This is a new island for us.



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7 Responses to A day of pampering and partying at Senor Frogs in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. Randy says:

    It was a struggle to get around on and off the ship today, but had a really good time. It is always fun to go to Senor Frogs!

  2. Barbara Spivey says:

    Tom and I have been to St. Kitts many times. Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Janice Nisco says:

    We hope Randy is feeling better and that you BOTH have a wonderful rest of the vacation.
    Happy New Year WOW 2016 !!!

  4. helffrich says:

    Congratulations on getting 10,000 steps. Sorry that Randy was feeling badly.

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