Fun, festive day at St. Kitts

St. Kitts

I knew today was going to be wonderful when Randy said he had had a fairly decent night’s sleep and was looking forward to visiting St. Kitts.  I was so excited that I jumped out of bed and ran to the balcony to put an exclamation point on my happiness looking out at the blue, blue sky.

We dressed quickly and made our way up to the Windjammer to have breakfast with our friends. We all decided that we would meet on the pier at 10:00am and spend some time visiting the port of Basseterre which is the capital of St. Kitts.


As we pulled into port I caught sight of a mountain top that was completely engulfed in the clouds. I thought this sight was amazing.  The surrounding mountains were so lush and green.  I learned later that one of the early names for this small Caribbean island was, “Liamuiga” which means fertile island.


The history of the island is as varied as many of the islands of the Caribbean. Various groups including the Igneri people, members of the Arawak group and others have inhabited the island. Over time the island was ‘discovered and claimed’ by various countries including Spain, France and England.  Since 1783, St. Kitts has been affiliated with the United Kingdom.


IMG_0404bI had originally booked an excursion for Randy and me to take a catamaran around the island with a stop on a beach for lunch. But, he had asked that I cancel that being content to just get off the ship and walk around.



The port area was just wonderful. We walked through the port building to a large square with streets shooting off to the left, right and straight ahead.  The streets were lined with many small shops and large and small restaurants.  I stopped inside this building for a few moments admiring the murals on the walls that depicted life on the island.


IMG_0412Our first stop had to be at the Harley Davidson store which, amazingly was down the first street to the left. We waited as Dennis found a tee shirt with St. Kitts on it and then moved on so Sandy and Connie could  find the shops that were giving away free charms.  I remember so clearly the years I spent collecting these charms from various ports of call and making charm bracelets for our grandchildren and niece.


Then it was time to stop for a cold drink.  We stopped at a lively bar situated in the middle of the street that was filled to the rafters with tourists all having a great time.  While we were there a street performer walking on stilts entered the bar and took the time to stopped here and there for photographs with the tourists.

There seemed to be such a festive mood in the area. There were street performers on stilts walking around, festively dressed gentlemen asking passersby to have their picture taken with small monkeys and Christmas music seemed to be playing everywhere. This is so much fun, I thought.




We walked further and further until we came upon a group of dancers performing a wonderful dance dressed in headdresses with tall peacock feathers, masks, and brightly colored ribbons. We watched for a while and enjoyed it very much.




Eventually, we came to the entrance to the city center.  I was intrigued by a wonderful clock in the middle of the roundabout and wanted to get a closer look.  It was obvious the city was preparing for a festival of some sort as we heard loud Christmas music and saw many tents set up down one the side streets.



We turned back towards the port looking for a restaurant to enjoy some local cuisine. We asked several people if there was a restaurant they could recommend and was directed down a side street to a restaurant called Sweet Cane Restaurant & Bar.


What a lovely little restaurant. The restaurant was clean, welcoming and the staff very friendly.  While we were looking over the restaurant, I looked around and realized how well the owners had used this small space.  Up a small flight of stairs was a loft area with small tables for two.


The menu had a little something for everyone. The selections included items like grouper, jerk chicken, lasagna, oxtail and so much more.  But, for me, the menu item that caught my eye was the Chicken Satay with Indonesian Peanut Sauce.  The choice was just perfect.  The chicken was tender and the sauce was delicate and delicious.

We enjoyed our lunch and returned to the ship happy in the thought that we would be returning in February.

We returned to the cabin to take a little rest before preparing for the evening activities. I asked Randy how he was doing.  “I am so glad I got off the ship today.  I had such a nice time.  Next time we come back to St. Kitts we will take a tour around the island”.  “Yes, yes indeed,” I replied.

We made our way up to the lounge for cocktails then down to the dining room for dinner with our wonderful friends. It seems that everyone had a great day and, like Randy and I, were looking forward to returning.


Captain Aris Medina

Randy was feeling so good he made the decision to go to the Ice Dancin’ show this evening.  But, first we were off to the theater for a private cocktail party sponsored by the Crown and Anchor Society.  These cocktail parties serve a unique purpose and vary from ship to ship.  Some can be very intimate held in a small room others, like tonight, in a large theater.


The cocktail party started with a little entertainment by members of the production crew and then the captain took to the stage and said a few words of thanks for our continued support for the Royal Caribbean cruise line.  It was nice but now it was time for the main entertainment of the evening.




Now it was time for the ice show. Sandy and Bob had gotten there a little earlier and managed to hold onto a line of seats so we could all sit together.

IMG_0566bIMG_0541bThere is only way one word that describes wholly this wonderful show, awesome. As many times as I have seen the ice shows on several Royal ships, I still marvel at the way these athlete performers glide with such ease across such a small piece of ice as the ship slowly cruises the seas of the world.

Not only are they perfection on the ice but oh, my, the costume changes, stage settings, it is truly amazing. The show was just the perfect end to a perfect day.

It had been a long and busy so we returned to the cabin and settled in for a good night’s sleep.

I checked my Fitbit numbers before retiring.  I walked 7,474 steps, 2.97 miles and climbed 14 flights of stairs.  Too tired this evening to walk around the Promenade to complete the 10,000 steps.  Perhaps tomorrow I will.

Tomorrow we dock in Philipsburg, St. Maarten.



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2 Responses to Fun, festive day at St. Kitts

  1. helffrich says:

    We’ve been to St. Kitts a few times; a beautiful island.i love that you try local foods at the ports. We have started doing that since we met you and so enjoy it. Thanks again for sharing your day. Sure glad Randy was feeling some better

  2. Randy says:

    Today was a great day and I hope I did not use up all of my energy so that we could go relax on the beach in St Maarten tomorrow. St. Kitts is a really nice place to visit and is very clean and festive, even outside the port (tourist) area.

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