Crazy day at sea

By the time we were finally away the sun had already risen high into the sky.

By the time we were finally awake the sun had already risen high into the sky.

What a crazy day!!

Between Randy getting up all during the night shining his flashlight so he could navigate through the cabin in the dark and not remembering to move our watches forward thus losing an hour, we were both very tired as we started our day.

When we woke up I told Randy it was 7:30. I told Randy, “Not a problem it is only 6:30am so go back to sleep”.  We both settled down into our pillows and tried to get a few more moments of sleep before facing the morning.  Unfortunately, we were supposed to turn our clocks ‘forward’ so it was actually 8:30am when we woke up.  Oh, dear!

So, our day was off to a frantic start. Randy was a sweetie and ran up to the Concierge Lounge to get us coffee.  Then we made a mad dash up to the Windjammer for a quick breakfast.

Today we had to be at an 11:00 meeting with our travel agents Klaus and Dorit on deck 5 in the conference room.  I made the decision to go to the gym while Randy prepared to go to the meeting.  I shortened my time on the treadmill and met Randy at the Conference room just as the meeting was beginning. When I got settled Randy told me about something he had seen as he passed the Centrum.


Randy whispered, “I was headed to the meeting at the front of the ship and heard a bunch of laughter as I came near the Centrum. Looking over the railing on deck 6, I saw what looked like 3 chefs decorating a cake.  Upon further investigation, I noticed that one cake decorator was the captain of the ship and the laughter was directed at him by way of the cruise director, who was egging him on”.

Randy continued saying, “The captain and two other crew members were assembling a 2 layer cake. Two ‘chefs’ were being very neat and using just enough frosting as they worked on their cakes.  However, the captain put a large blob of frosting and started coating the cake, which happened to be much too much frosting.  The crowd went wild at that point since the chefs made their cakes delicately covering their cakes with frosting, while the captain had a very generous coating that was overflowing the cake.  All the cakes turned out well and looked good, but the captain’s was obviously much taller than the others.  The crowd really enjoyed the demo rewarding the ‘chefs’ with laughter and applause”.

I remember thinking that I wished I had been there to sample the cakes.

Luckily the meeting was short with a brief presentation of upcoming cruises that Klaus and Dorit were running in the future and drawing for door prizes.  Randy’s number was called and it turned out to be a pink tee with images of the Baltic.  Randy was not going to wear a pink tee shirt so the I became the proud owner of the shirt.  Considering that we would be cruising the Baltic in the spring I was very pleased.

Friends practicing the 'Thriller' dance in the Centrum

Friends practicing the ‘Thriller’ dance in the Centrum

IMG_1309On our way to hear the next installment of the enrichment series “The Big Game – Who’s going to Win?” by retired sports journalist Steven Krasner, we passed by the Centrum where volunteers were practicing the Thriller dance.  We stopped for a moment and notice that Marty, Caryn and Anna were all on the dance floor.  I stopped for a moment to take a few photos before heading to the Tropical Theatre.  Evidently, the volunteers practice this dance on sea days and perform the dance on the last day of the cruise.


During his talk, Mr. Krasner shared a great deal of information about his background as a sports journalist and many experiences he had while covering The Red Sox baseball team and one unforgettable game during the 1989 World Series in San Francisco in Candlestick Park during an earthquake and covering the New England Patriots in four Super Bowl games.

During the question and answer period Mr. Krasner reiterated his thought that the Carolina Panthers would win the Super bowl 24-10.  “We shall see,” I thought.


After the talk we decided to walk around the upper decks to see if we could find our friends. I stopped for a moment to admire some artwork in the forward stairwell entitled “Mask Carriers” by Milde Maelum (Norwegian, 1945).


The mask carriers were made of bronze.  The plaque that accompanied the masks read simply:

The mask:

Containing a secret

Covers sensitivity

Protects the private

Form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form (from the Heart Sutra). “Definitely food for thought,” I thought.


We continued our journey up the staircase and finally came across Connie, Dennis, Bob and Sandy sunning on deck 12. We stopped for a few moments to see what they had been up to all day; the answer, “Relaxing in the sun”.


We returned to our cabin to another surprise. The Crown & Anchor Society had sent another tasty treat for us to enjoy.  The four canapés were delicious.


Bob and Sandy


Connie and Dennis

It seemed as though only a few minutes had passed and we were, once again, on the move. We prepared for cocktails and dinner and headed up to the Diamond Lounge and then down to dinner.



Caryn and Marty

Once again, dinner was delicious. And, once again, I decided to try something new on the menu.  I chose the Pan Seared Filet of Sole with Parmesan potato and artichoke gratin, cherry tomatoes and lemon beurre blanc.  The meal was light and most delicious.


Getting ready for an evening of cheering for our favorite team!

We all decided to eat dinner quickly so we would have plenty of time to secure good seats for the game. The game was scheduled to be televised in all staterooms, poolside, the Tropical Theater and the Crown & Castle Pub.  We started in the Crown & Castle Pub but several of our group had difficulty sitting on seats with no backs.  So we moved to the theater and found wonderful seats.  Everyone happy, we settle down for a great evening.

Of the eight in our group, seven were rooting for the Denver Broncos and one for the Carolina Panthers. Guess who that was?  Randy insisted that he wanted the Panthers to win.  The game was fantastic and we all had a wonderful time.

It had been a crazy day running here and there but it had been a wonderful day of friendship, delicious food and great entertainment.  But now it was time for Randy and I to retire to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow will be our first port-of-call at Tortola, British Virgin Island.



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6 Responses to Crazy day at sea

  1. helffrich says:

    we didn’t make it through the Super Bowl on Celebrity Infinity. In Brazil we were 3 hours ahead, so it didn’t start until almost bedtime. But it was fun to watch it on the big screen in the theater.

  2. Randy says:

    An interesting short hectic day, but tons of fun with our friends. I always enjoy the “Sea Days”.

  3. Sal says:

    Great photos all around. That is Anna sitting on the stage while the cakes are decorated. You have a good shot of the back of my head during the Thriller practice……….next time I’ll turn and smile. Go Broncos.

  4. Connie and Ron says:

    Ron and I did watch the Super Bowl with friends and enjoyed lots of food. “Broncos” was the team we wanted to win. Yeah!! They did win. Good game. My son, Brandon, and his family live in Denver. They were glued to the screen for the game. As a matter of fact, none of them had missed a game all year. I will be visiting them April 28th for 5 days. Love my family and looking forward to seeing them and the Rockies. Thanks for sharing all of your vacation photos.

  5. Connie says:

    Watching the Super Bowl on the ship was great fun. It was really funny the way the older lady in front of us cheered for both teams. ; )

    Connie T.

  6. Bob and Sandy says:

    Reading your account of that day, I almost feel like I am back in time. It was such a great day all the way around. Great weather, great friends, great food, and great seats to watch the super bowl. YEA BRONCOS.

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