Amazing day sailing around the island of St. Kitts

Coastline of St. Kitts

Coastline of St. Kitts

IMG_1419cWhat a beautiful day! I woke up stepped onto the balcony and watched as we slowly made our way into port.  The sky was clear, the water deep blue but hovering over the mountain was a large, dark cloud that seemed that it would burst open any moment and rain on our beautiful day.

No matter, I was so excited today because we were finally going to take a catamaran sail to Nevis beach and have a wonderful lunch that we missed the last time we were St. Kitts.  St. Kitts and the neighboring island Nevis are actually one country.

From what I read, St. Kitts is an island in the West Indies. The island borders the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Saint Kitts has a population of around 45,000, the majority of whom are mainly of African descent. The primary language is English.

Caryn and Marty

Caryn and Marty

IMG_1415bWhat made the day even more exciting is our entire little group was on the same tour. We all met for breakfast at 8:00am and then made our way down to the pier to line up to take our tour. Marty and Caryn had not been with us in December so, of course, we had to take their picture at the entrance to the port.



We lingered at the port for a bit before starting our walk to the catamaran on the other side of the pier. From the moment I saw the custom-made catamaran, The Spirit of St. Kitts, I loved it.  The crew was friendly, fun and had an immediate rapport with the passengers.




The Captain Krzysztof had mentioned earlier in the morning that we might encounter a few morning showers but that did not deter us from sitting up top. The sky was blue, the water a bit choppy and the wind a bit strong all making for a great sail.



The crew of the catamaran masterfully maneuvered the boat through the choppy waters all the while walking among the passengers ice-cold libations.  There was ice-cold beer, rum punch, soda and water.




As we sailed along the view of the shoreline was beautiful.  With the sun in our faces, wind in our hair and salt water splashing our face we passed a shoreline of lush green mountains, beautiful resorts and pastel colored homes sprinkled on the landscape.  By the time we reached Nevis everyone on top was wet.

The Spirit of St. Kitts

The Spirit of St. Kitts

Much to our surprise, the crew brought the boat right to the beach, lowered a ladder and we exited the boat in knee-high water. The lunch was not ready when we arrived so Randy and I took a nice walk down the beach.  The fine brown-sand beach was and deep making it a little difficult to walk.


IMG_1461IMG_1462cThe water, at first, was cold as the surf rolled onto the beach and across our feet but as we continued our walk our feet became accustomed to the water and seemed warmer.


IMG_1454By the time we returned from our walk it was time for lunch so we made our way to the picnic area. The picnic area was rustic and recessed under a canopy of lush vegetation just about 30-40 feet from the water.  The food was all homemade and absolutely delicious.


Connie and Marty striking 'Thriller' poses on the beach. Very funny!

Connie and Marty striking ‘Thriller’ poses on the beach. Very funny!


Caryn and Marty exploring the beach come across an interesting building.



There were hot dogs, chicken, pasta, coconut slaw, fresh vegetable salad. My favorite was the coconut slaw.  I said as much to the gentleman in charge of the lunch.  He said that there had been a time when the cabbages had many worms so they turned to the coconut.  “What a great choice,” I said.



Not sure what Randy was doing in the water but Connie thought it was very funny! (Picture courtesy of Connnie)



As soon as lunch was over we all headed for the water. How wonderful.  You had to be careful because there were a few sudden drops as you walked into the water but once in; it was heavenly.


Okay Dennis, what are you doing? Very funny!

IMG_1444All too soon it was time to board the catamaran for the sail back to port. The sail back was so much fun.  The fellas were feeling their oats telling jokes and being silly.

All of a sudden we felt the boat slow down considerably. We wondered out loud if there was something amiss.  In fact a passenger had been trolling his fishing line behind the boat in hopes of catching a fish.



Excitement grew so many of the passengers made their way to the back of the boat. Everyone watched as he struggled to pull the fighting fish into the boat. Cheers went up as he reeled the barracuda into the boat.  Joyous, he gave the fish to the crew who said they would be having a great dinner that evening.




Excitement over, we once again headed to port. On our way back we passed the Serenade and a P&O cruise ship tied up at the pier.  What a great day!

Heading into the Rum Barrel

Heading into the Rum Barrel



We got back to the port a little after 3pm. We did not have to be back on board until 4:30pm.  Did we go right back to the ship?  Well no. Instead we headed to a little bar we had visited when in St. Kitts in December called the Rum Barrel.


We found a table right away and settled in for a cold drink and watch the street performers outside the bar.

As we walked towards the ship I knew we would have much to talk about at the dinner table. And so we did. The consensus at the table was that the entire day was something we would all remember for a very long time.

It had been a wonderful day of basking in the sun, sailing across beautiful blue waters, frolicking in the waters off Nevis Island and spending time with great friends.

There were many things to do during the evening hours but Randy and I were very tired so after dinner we retired to our cabin for some relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we dock in Roseau, Dominica.



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4 Responses to Amazing day sailing around the island of St. Kitts

  1. Genny says:

    Mary, you said: “we passed the Serenade and a P&O cruise ship”. What is P&O?

  2. Randy says:

    What a great day it was. Plenty of laughs, beer, rum punch, sun and swimming. Absolutely amazing excursion.

  3. Cindy Bergmann says:

    Sounds like you all had a blast. Retirement is certainly very becoming to you all.

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