Fun, fun, fun day at sea!

Watching the sun rise from our balcony

Watching the sun rise from our balcony

What a crazy, fun day! I did not sleep well finally drifting off to sleep around 4:00am.  Even so, as soon as the light shone through the window, I woke up. I stepped onto the balcony and watched as the sun rose casting a yellow streak across the blue sky.

Randy offered to run up to the lounge to get us coffee and I accepted right away. Even after drinking my coffee I was struggling to get excited about the day.

I begged off meeting our friends for breakfast so Randy went alone.  As soon as the cabin door shut I settled back under the covers to see if I could get a little sleep. After trying unsuccessfully to drift off, I decided to get up, dress and face whatever the day held.  Not hungry, I decided to skip breakfast.


“Gardening” by Inger Johanne Rasmussen

"Striped" by Linda Jansson Lothe

“Striped” by Linda Jansson Lothe


What I really wanted to do was to spend some time enjoying the beautiful artwork around the ship.  These beautiful large ships, for me, are floating museums and I love it.  I noticed when I first came aboard that the two staircases had themes to the artwork on display.  The theme in the forward staircase was people.  The theme in the aft staircase was flowers.  I wanted to take the time to admire the pieces so I started on deck 2 and stopped at each landing until I reached deck 13.  I enjoyed all the pieces but I especially liked one called “Gardening”.

The accompanying plaque read:

“Patterns that are used on textiles is the starting point for this work, and for a series of other applied textile images under the title: “Retold Stories”.  In the typical textile patterns of flowers, points, stripes and squares, a story about women and their wish to form their own lives, can be read.  “Gardening” is a big flower composition with roots in the women and embroidered textiles from the 17th century.  The woman is inside the flower pattern.  Does she take care of the flowers, or does she destroy?  Or might it even be she is cutting a textile?

Interesting!  I loved this textile cloth piece called by Inger Johanne Rasmussen.  I loved the use of textile to create this piece.  Looking at the vivid colors and the flowers I felt as though I was in a garden preparing to fill my basket with beautiful blossoms to adorn my dining room table.

vases 1

(clockwise from top) “Rose Jug” by Lippa Dalen, “Rose Jug” by Lippa Dalen, “Tranquil Garden I” by Debbie Carfagno,”Flowers 1 & 2″ by Ole Henrik Hagen and “Striped” by Linda Jannson Lothe+

On each landing there was one or more very large pieces that spanned the wall. I was impressed with the many mediums that were on display.  On either side were small pieces sometimes by the same artist and sometimes other artists.  I liked some more than others but admired the creativity that went into each piece.  I wish I could post all the beautiful artwork but, oh my, it would be a very long post indeed.


By the time I had walked from deck 2 up to deck 13 it was almost lunch time. I decided to go seek out Randy and our friends somewhere poolside.  I found Sandy, Connie and Caryn relaxing by the main pool. Randy and Bob had gone on a tour of the bridge sponsored by the Crown & Anchor Society.


img040bAs I was standing there talking to Sandy, Connie and Caryn, a crew photographer was walking around taking candid photos of around the pool area.  She came by and called out, “Lady with the camera”.  Since I was the only one in the area holding a camera I thought she must be talking to me.  She was and she took a picture of me as I stood by the windows.  Very cool I thought.


Connie and Dennis enjoying the belly flop competition

Connie and Dennis enjoying the belly flop competition



Before I knew it lunch had passed and it was time for the International Belly Flop Contest and the Crew vs. Guest Pool Volleyball Tournament. I love the belly flop contest.  I have watched this activity on many ships and it never gets old.  The passengers who take part in this activity are truly good sports as they have to strut their stuff and then jump into cold water and impress a hungry crowd who secretly wish they had the courage to participate.


water volley ball 2

Dennis, Caryn and Marty waiting for their turn in the pool

Dennis, Caryn and Marty waiting for their turn in the pool


When it came time for the pool volleyball game I learned that three members of our group decided to participate. Dennis, Marty and Caryn all entered the competition.  What fun!  Both teams played hard but in the end the crew won the match.



Randy and I returned to our cabin for a bit of rest and found a plate of goodies waiting for us. It did not take us long to clean the plate.

By the time we finished our treats we had to prepare for a Top Tier event in the Tropical Theater. Our cruise director, Topi Ylonen welcomed and thanked everyone in attendance for their loyalty in choosing Royal Caribbean as their cruise line of choice.


He then introduced the Serenade of the Seas orchestra who played several upbeat pieces of music.  The best part of the performance was a drum solo that was amazing.  He was rewarded for his efforts with a great deal of applause.


Then we were treated to a glimpse of an act we would see on the last night of the cruise. Alexey and Anastasia of Duo Bolshakov are acrobatic and aerial performers.  Alexey was absolutely amazing starting his performance with a laser light show that drew gasps, applause and , “How did he do that?” questions as he performed.

He then turned his attention to aerial feats that amazed everyone in the audience. Randy and I looked at each other and said to each other, “We cannot miss tomorrow night’s show”.

dinner 2

Pictures courtesy of Connie.

Then it was on to dinner. It was formal night and everyone was in a festive mood.  The dominate topic of conversation was the wonderful showing Dennis, Caryn and Marty showed in the pool volleyball competition.  I must say Randy and I were very impressed with all the medals that were won by our friends on this cruise.  Marty won gold in miniature golf and silver in volleyball.  Caryn won gold in darts and bronze in pool.  Dennis won gold playing pool.  Congratulations to all!!


As we sat enjoying the evening I noticed that the sun was setting and excused myself for a few moments so I could run up to deck 5 and catch a photo as it dropped beyond the horizon but the cloud cover was very heavy giving only a glimpse of the falling sun.  I always love sunrises and sunsets.  They are always so beautiful.


I returned and noticed that one of my favorite meal choices was on tonight’s menu, Thai Chicken with Jasmine rice and vegetables. Yummy!


“The Poets Travel” by Lars Widenfalk

As we left the dining room I noticed a piece of artwork that reminded me of two pieces I had admired on the Brilliance of the Seas by Lars Widenfalk, “Chairs I & II.

The accompanying plaque read:

“The artist had worked with a chair as a theme for many years.  The chair is a symbol for the travel through life, through time.  Stone, and in particular the granite, is a carrier of time, from the creation of earth to the stone age.  Here where the architectonically shaped chair is combined with symbolic objects like a bird or head, the travel is led into a certain direction.

After a few moments of admiring the piece, Randy and I walked around the ship for a little while stopping for a formal portrait and stopping by the photo shop to see the pictures that had been taken by the crew photographers during the cruise.

It had been a busy and fun day and Randy and I were ready to retire to our cabin to enjoy some time sitting on the balcony chatting about our day.

Tomorrow is our last day at sea.


Cloisonné (China)



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4 Responses to Fun, fun, fun day at sea!

  1. Randy says:

    Very busy day today and as we talked on the balcony it went by in a blur. So much to remember on this cruise so far, but tomorrow is another day at sea….. and more memories and adventures.

  2. helffrich says:

    I would say you enjoyed Serenade, and sea days can be so much fun. Love the art.

  3. Dale Ann says:

    Looks like life is treating you very well. See you soon.

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