Final day of fun and celebrations on the Serenade

Finale of "Farewell Variety Showtime"

Finale of “Farewell Variety Showtime”

It is 5:45am and where am I? I am up on deck 12 waiting for the sun to appear over the horizon to usher in the last day of our wonderful cruise.

6:15 am

6:15 am

The last day of any cruise is always a beehive activity. There is the hectic packing so luggage can be put outside the cabin door before you go to bed; the last minute shopping for bargain souvenirs; the one more look at pictures taken by the crew photographers that will wow all your family and friends back home and hopefully getting those last few rays of sunshine poolside before returning home.


6:45am The sky is starting to lighten up and fill with orange and gold colors

Randy surprised me by coming up and keeping me company until the sun had risen over the horizon and then we made our way down to the lounge to get hot cups of delicious café latte.

By 6:48am the full sun pops up above the horizon and filling the sky with hues of bright orange and gold.

By 6:48am the full sun pops up above the horizon and filling the sky with hues of bright orange and gold.

By 6:51am the sun is in full view promising a beautiful final day of our cruise.

By 6:51am the sun is in full view promising a beautiful final day of our cruise.

The schedule for our day was filled with activity. First and foremost start packing, go the shops to purchase a few tee shirts, go to the photo shop and choose our pictures, attend a group meeting with our travel agent and then head to the centrum to see our friends Marty and Caryn doing the ‘Thriller’ dance.  And, that was just the morning schedule!

Dorit and Klaus

Dorit and Klaus

When we finally made it down to the shop it was madness! We moved on to the photo shop and that was madness too!  As we stood at the computer looking at our pictures we noticed that some of our group was sitting in the conference room and Randy suddenly remembered that we were to be in a meeting with our travel agents.  I looked at my watch and said, “I thought our time was 11:00am.  It is only 10:00am”.  Randy said, “No, this is the right time”.  So we found a seat and wait for Dorit to start the meeting.  Dorit looked down at us and said, “Aren’t you early?”  Well, as it turned out we were but being early worked in our favor as the crowds had thinned out and we able to purchased our photos and our souvenir tee shirts quickly.  Now, really can life get any better than that?


We returned to the cabin and opened the balcony door and heard someone yelling, “Rainbow, come see the rainbow”. We stepped out onto the balcony and saw a beautiful, fading rainbow just a little to the right of the bow.  Faded or not it was still a wonderful sight.


We headed back to the room so I could do a little more packing. Randy decided to fool around trying on his knit hat with dreads.  We laughed and I talked him into wearing the hat to the dining room.  Too funny!


I wanted to run down to the customer service desk to get a printout of our bill so I could check it over and we ran into Marty and Caryn. I looked at them and realized that we missed them participating in the “Thriller” guest performance in the Centrum.  They had already removed the rags that were dangling off their clothing but still had their makeup on so I was able to get a photo.


We also missed the International Crew Parade of Nations in the Centrum. We had witnessed this event on another ship and were sad we missed it.  Members of the crew parade into the Centrum holding a flag representing their country of origin.  Thank heavens Connie and Dennis captured the parade for us.  It brought back nice memories.


By now it was early afternoon and I wanted to do a little more packing so we returned to the cabin. Randy went out onto the balcony and quickly fell asleep.  I took this opportunity to run up to the gym to get some time on the treadmill.  I just love the view.  Time passed as I gazed out the window and over the bow of the ship to beautiful sunny morning of blue skies and calm seas and before I knew it I had walked for 60 minutes. I will miss this view when I return home.

Before we knew it, it was time to prepare for the evening activities. There would only be one seating for the “Farewell Variety Showtime” so we made arrangements with our wonderful servers to come to dinner a little early.



Randy did indeed wear his knit cap to dinner. As soon as Marty saw Randy he excused himself from the dinner table and came back with his on.  They were just too funny.  Eventually, we were able to talk Bob into wearing the cap for a photo op.  Very funny indeed!


I must say we were very happy with our assistant server Francisco. He was totally professional and had the most marvelous sense of humor.  We all thanked him and promised we would extol his praises on the end-of-cruise survey.


I was happy to see that another favorite of mine was on tonight’s menu. I decided to choose a shrimp cocktail for starters and the Tandoori Chicken Salad with julienne cucumber, fried pappadams, cilantro and yogurt dressing for my entrée.  This dish is always good.


Dinner finished and we were off to the Tropical Theater for the evening’s entertainment. The show opened with the Royal Caribbean orchestra who played a variety of upbeat music.  Then our fun-loving cruise director put on a display of popular dance moves from the 80’s to now.  He was fantastic so much so he received a standing ovation from the audience.




The feature act of the evening was the acrobatic-aerial team of Duo Bolshakov. Alexey and Anastasia performed a stunning show that included aerial skills, and the most amazing skill with a hoop that I have ever seen.  At the conclusion of their show they brought their 4-year old onto the stage and amazed everyone that even at his tender age had master some of the skills of his parents. I was amazed at the little boys poise on stage.


The show’s finale included many members of the ship’s staff and crew taking to the stage to say, “Thank you and farewell” to the passengers.

We returned to our cabin to finish last minute packing and settling down for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we say farewell to the Serenade and board a bus to return home.



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3 Responses to Final day of fun and celebrations on the Serenade

  1. Connie says:

    It was a grand last night!

  2. Randy says:

    After reading this blog, no wonder I was tired on the way home. It was a busy, but very fun exciting day to end our cruise. Can not wait for our next one in April for our Anniversary.

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    What a day, and what a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pictures Mary, as always.

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