Celebrating on the Serenade of the Seas-Epilogue


A few days after we returned from our cruise I sent an email to my fellow cruisers and asked if they would share their thoughts about the trip. I am always keenly aware that when I write I am writing about my thoughts and feelings; I wanted to know theirs.


I was interested in their overall thoughts about the cruise and specifically their thoughts about our group excursion sailing around St. Kitts and beach break on Nevis Island.

IMG_1653Connie and Dennis’ response:

“We had a great time from the time we boarded the Serenade until we got off on Day 11 with the best of Friends!”

About the catamaran sail Connie wrote, “OMG..too much fun…Loved every second, would do it again in a heartbeat!”

“A GREAT cruise with GREAT friends,” wrote Dennis.

“The catamaran trip was a highlight for me of the entire cruise”.

IMG_1651Sandy and Bob’s response:

“We recently returned from an 11-day cruise to the British Virgin Islands.  We cruised with our friends, Randy, Mary, Dennis and Connie.  The cruise was fantastic and we had a wonderful time, as we always do with our friends.

The weather was wonderful and we visited 3 islands that were new to us. This cruise was made even more special and enjoyable because of the addition of two other friends, Marty and Caryn, who decided to join us.  What a great ‘eight-some’ we made!!!!  We all blended together so well.  Awesome!!

Certainly the highlight of the cruise was the catamaran cruise around St. Kitts Island. Oh my.  What fun.  Weather was wonderful.  We even had a bbq on a beach where we saw no one else except the folks on the excursion and the man in charge of the food.  The food was terrific and the beer was plentiful and cold, certainly two pluses.  This excursion should have proven to Marty and Caryn that we all are certifiably crazy.  However, a stranger on the excursion did tell Mary that she was obviously the “sedate” one among us.  Only time will tell”.

IMG_1657Caryn and Marty’s response:

“Mary, the 10 day cruise was filled with happiness. To go with a big group from our Del Webb home was a big plus.  We enjoyed competing in games the Serenade of the Seas provided.  Marty enjoyed a few movies and what fun that all could enjoy the Super Bowl on board. Ship.

The best was the catamaran to Nevis Island. So glad we were able to enjoy this with you, Randy, Sandy, Bob, Connie and Dennis.  We were impressed with the lunch of chicken, hot dogs, coconut slaw and other sides the crew provided.  So fun playing in the ocean and meeting new people.  No better feeling than sailing on a catamaran with wonderful weather, good friends, the ocean spray keeping you cool and the crew keeping the punch flowing.  Happy Happy Happy!”

IMG_0088bRandy’s response:

“I wanted to go on the Cat Cruise the last time we were here in December, but the good ole Shingles were too painful to expect to get around on a boat comfortably. The boat was really nice, equipped with dual hulls and heads.  What I was surprised at was the speed this boat would attain.

They hoisted the sails and shut off the motors and WOW, we really took off. Other than the boat, we, the passengers, had a great time up front enjoying the wind and spray in our hair and the rest of our bodies and playing around and laughing.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  The meal on a mostly deserted beach was really wonderful.  The chicken was tender, beans tasty and everything else was just what you wanted after sailing from one island to another, especially the coconut slaw.  YUM.

On the trip back someone was trolling and caught a Barracuda. Oh, did I mention the all-you-can drink ice-cold beer, rum punch, soft drinks or water you wanted on the boat and the island.  A dip in the coolish waters near the boat was very refreshing after lunch and the walk on the beach before lunch was very romantic.  I was totally amazed with the whole excursion and would do it again sometime”.

IMG_1735How wonderful,” I thought.  After reading each response I realized that we were all of like mind about the cruise and our joint venture on the catamaran.

As for me, I loved every minute of this cruise. I enjoyed very much the time we spent with our friends on and off the ship; I enjoyed the ship and, I certainly enjoyed the delicious food served in both the main dining room and Chops Grille.

But like the others, the catamaran sail we took around St. Kitts Island to a secluded beach on Nevis Island was just wonderful. Everything about that day was perfect.  What made that day so special for me was seeing Randy relaxed and enjoying himself to the fullest.

2015 had been a trying year as we dealt with a family crisis that came out of the blue. Randy stepped up and was so wonderfully supportive both physically and emotionally.  We believe that the stress of this time in our lives caused a very painful case of the Shingles for Randy causing us to cancel this wonderful excursion while visiting St. Kitts in December.



From the moment we stepped onto the catamaran, Randy began to smile widely and laugh heartily. He spent the entire time going over to Nevis and back on the webbed front of the boat enjoying the salty spray splashing onto his face and, frankly, everywhere else.  Seeing him enjoying life again seemed to melt the memories of the past year right out of his mind.  I loved that.

The cruise has come to an end and we are back home but there will be a next time. Until then…



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13 Responses to Celebrating on the Serenade of the Seas-Epilogue

  1. Randy says:

    Wow, what a trip with wonderful friends…..

  2. Caryn says:

    Wow I thank you all for the memories.

  3. Genny says:

    Nice closing to your fun trip!

  4. Dotti McKee says:

    Randy, quick question “did you have a shingles shot? Just wondering. I was hit with serious shingles (face, eye and head) after I got the shot. Your Cat trip sounds awesome. Nothing quite like sailing. I remember fondly the Turkey Med trip on a 36′ sail boat we did in 2000.

    • Dotti–No, Randy never had the Shingles shot. He is thinking about getting one once he has past the mark his doctor gave him when it would be a good idea. I have never had the shingles shot either and frankly, I don’t think I will. Thanks for reading along. Keep reading, Mary

  5. Dale Ann says:

    Sounds like your “second” way of living is enjoyable to you both. It is so great to read that life is good for Randy and Mary.

  6. Connie says:

    So much fun…this is a grand way to end this series of blogs Mary. Kudos to you. We are filed with excitment thinking of our future joint adventure, where we have all booked ini-suites in August on the Oasis f the Seas. Can’t wait!

  7. Bob and Sandy says:

    How nice reading comments from the others on this trip. Makes us happy that they enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed being with them. Don’t hardly see how this particular trip could have been any better. YIPPEE!!!

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