Yummy White Chili


The first post I saw on Facebook this morning was an announcement saying, “Only 10 days left till spring”. I sat a few moments staring at the screen and thought, “Really? What happened to winter?”

I absolutely could not process the information. It seemed to me that one moment it was fall and then it was spring in my home state of Florida.  So, I reflected a few moments on our weather during December, January and February and realized we really did not experience a cold or long winter and what little cold weather we did have evaporated as soon as the sun rose high into the morning sky.

I have always loved the cold winds of the winter months because it brings on thoughts of filling my kitchen with the aromas of hot soups, hardy stews, chilis and other stick-to-the-ribs cold weather dishes.

So, before spring takes hold, and as a last hurrah to winter, I decided to dust off a white chili recipe I collected many years ago from co-worker, Tim Rosin and invite some friends over for dinner. I have served this dish as a meal and as a party dip.  Either way it is easy to prepare and loved by everyone.

White Chili-Tim Rosin


1 to 2 lbs. skinned chicken breasts, cut into bit-sized pieces

1 T olive oil

48 oz. jar/can Great Northern Beans, undrained-(or 4-14oz. cans Hanover brandGreat Northern Beans)

32 oz. mild, thick and chunky Salsa

2 tsp. cumin

8 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese (or Swiss cheese)

Jalapeño pepper, grated

Corn chips


In 3 quart Dutch oven, brown chicken in oil

Add beans, salsa, cumin and jalapeno pepper. Heat well for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally so as not to stick.

Add cheese, stirring until cheese is melted.

Serve with corn chips.

I was serving a dinner for six so I used 5 boneless-skinless chicken breasts. Be sure to brown and cook the chicken through.  I used the Tostitos brand mild, chunky salsa.  While it did not say in the recipe, I took the seeds out of the jalapeño before grating.

Along with the chili, I served a fresh, green salad, corn muffins and a Boston cream pie  for dessert.

I knew the chili was a success when our friend, Bob, exclaimed as he lifted another spoon of the chili to his lip, “Oh, I like this”. Bob is a very good cook in his own right so I took this as high praise.

I will be preparing this dish again next week as my daughter Kristine and I start our annual NCAA March Madness weekend together.  We will be sitting on her couch and dipping crunchy corn chips into this delicious chili as we cheer on our favorite basketball teams hoping that one of our brackets will be the winner in this year’s pool.



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10 Responses to Yummy White Chili

  1. Randy says:

    It was very good Chili and our guests were very complimentary of the whole meal. Look forward to having it again.

  2. bob and Chris Messersmith says:

    love your blogs! Chris and I head tomorrow to Bueno Aires and sail on Royal C. for 2 weeks around Cape Horn and Patagonia….Bob… Here we come Magellan!

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    The chili was delicious, the setting grand, the other attendees good friends and the hostess, as always, magnificent. Thank you again Mary.

  4. Genny says:

    Have to poke a little fun…..the chili looks red to me, not white!!! Nonetheless, looks good. Was the Boston Cream Pie homemade (per your recipe) or not?

  5. Linda says:

    Sounds yummy, Mary! Will definitely try. Sorry we didn’t get to see you when we were in Florida but we were only in your area when you all were on your cruise. Be well and enjoy your time with your daughter!

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