Fun, busy day a sea


We woke up this morning to a sky filled with dark clouds but the promise of clear skies ahead.  Today we will be at sea all day as we slowly cruise to our next port of call.

I love sea days.  You can be as busy or lazy as you like.  On lazy days I just chill out on the pool deck with a good book.  On busy days I look over the Cruise Compass and highlight all the events I would like to participate in.  Today will be a busy day.

The first item that caught my eye was another enrichment presentation by Dennis Cheredar.  The next item caught my eye as soon as I read “50’s & 60’s Rock n’ Roll” show in the theater.  I highlighted that immediately.  Next was a listing for a short aerial show in the Centrum after dinner that promised, “an electro-music extravaganza for your eyes and ears”.  And, last but not least, was a headliner show featuring ‘comedy, magic and illusion’.


Last evening we made arrangements to meet Jim and Vilma for breakfast in the dining room this morning.  It was so good to be together and catch up.  We spent the morning sharing information about our mutual friends.  I was dismayed to learn that two of our friends were dealing with medical situations.  I made a mental note to contact both as soon as we return home.


We sat talking and laughing until it was obvious that the dining room staff were preparing the room for the lunch hour.  On our way back to the cabin we stopped to check email and then returned to the cabin for a bit of rest and relaxation on the balcony.  The air was brisk but sitting in the sun was wonderful.


Before we knew it, it was time to make our way down to the Tropical Theater for the enrichment destination presentation by Dennis Cheredar entitled: Bergen, The Gateway to the Fjords.  Before he started Cheredar wanted to dispense with a little important information.  He said, “Just a little housekeeping before we start. If you need to use the facilities they are out in the hallway.  And as a general the men are on the left because the women are always right”.  You could hear the audience saying things like, “Oh, oh” and groaning.  Me, I thought it was very funny indeed.  The talk and accompanying slideshow that followed was very informative solidifying our decision to take advantage of the Hop On – Hop Bus system once again in Bergen.




The rest of the day would be very busy.  Mid-afternoon we returned to the theater to a matinee featuring a show called “Topi & The Top Dogs” Present: 50’s & 60’s Classic Rock n’ Roll.  The whole gang showed up.



IMG_3624bThis fun group was made up of our wonderful cruise director, Topi and five members of the ship’s band.  What fun.  We already knew that Topi was talented but he wowed us again with his singing talents.  Topi and the band had the audience rocking and rolling in their seats throughout the show.

What a nice treat to spend just a little time listening to songs by favorites from our teen years like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard just to name a few.  And, Topi highlighted each member of the band as they entertained us with their individual talents.


After stopping at the shops for a quick look around, we returned to our cabin and were pleasantly surprised to see a covered plate of goodies awaiting our return.  This lovely treat was sent to us courtesy of Hotel Director William Downey.  They were very delicious.




After a short rest we began to prepare for the evening.  Tonight was our second formal night of the cruise.  As usual, the dinner table was alive with great conversation about what lay ahead for the rest of the evening and discussing plans for our next port-of-call.



Randy and I returned to our cabin to change clothes before going to catch the two shows scheduled for this evening.  However, shortly after we entered the cabin I did not feel very well.  So, Randy went off to check on his email.



While he was at the computer the aerial show began.  He stood, like so many people, along the railing on deck 7 watching this high energy show featuring the ship’s production cast of singers, dancers and aerialists and was totally amazed at the skill and athletic ability.




These aerial shows are very short but definitely attention getting as witnessed by the standing room only on every deck above the deck 4 Centrum.


Awaiting the show to begin

Betty, Jim, Vilma and Mickey awaiting the show to begin

He then went on to the theater to join Doug and Sue to watch the headliner show featuring Danish magician Martin Brock.  Just before the lights went down, Randy spotted Vilma, Jim, Mickey and Betty sitting in the audience and, of course, had to take a picture.

By the time he returned I was fast asleep.

Tomorrow we dock at Geiranger, Norway.

Now we have three!

Now we have three!



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5 Responses to Fun, busy day a sea

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    This was an exciting sea day. I normally spend most of the day reading on the Balcony or on the pool deck. Looking forward to our next port Geiranger, Norway to see what else this port has to offer.

  2. Genny says:

    Mary, I hope you didn’t get sick eating those decadent-looking “goodies”?!?!

  3. helffrich says:

    A busy day indeed.

  4. Bob and Sandy says:

    The aerialist show looked great!!!

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