Glaciers and emerald waters in Olden, Norway

Kjenndalen Glacier

Kjenndalen Glacier

We woke up this morning to bright, sunny skies as the ship docked in Olden, Norway.The small village of Olden has a population of 473 and is at the end of the Nordfjord.


We dressed quickly and made our way up to the lounge to eat a quick breakfast and quickly made our way back down  to the cabin to prepare to meet Doug and Sue on the pier to board our tour bus.

Today we are going to drive along the Nordfjord to see the Kjenndalen Glacier followed by a boat ride on Lake Loen.

Once again we were on a one car road with two-way traffic.  Every so often either we had to pull over or the other car.  At one point we were very close to the edge of the road and I could not look down.




But looking out the window was such a treat!  No matter where you looked there was beauty.  We saw lush green mountains, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, a lovely emerald green lake and wild flowers.


Olden 031We stopped twice for photo opportunities before continuing our journey to the glacier.  As we drove along we were told by our tour guide that in 1905 and 1936 large blocks of the mountain Ramnefjell had fallen into the lake.  The tidal waves that followed decimated the farming communities of Nesdal and Bødal and over 100 lives were lost.


We were told that a large steamboat and other small vessels were sunk at this time.  The steamboat, after lying undisturbed for over 30 years was lifted and thrown inland and was destroyed.  As we drove along Kjenndal road we could see some of the rusty remains of the old steamboat.




We arrived at the trailhead for the glacier and were given ½ hour to walk to the glacier and enjoy its beauty.  We passed a wonderful stream, looked up and saw a beautiful waterfall causing steam to rise as it fell over the rocks and finally arrived at the glacier.



Here we are talking with our friends, Doug, Sue, Dale and Karen.

IMG_3913Since we were only given a short time to see the glacier, Randy and I did not walk all the way to the glacier itself.  I would have loved to walk down just to put my foot on the snow.  As it turned out our bus had some mechanical difficulty leaving us there for longer than we were scheduled but by then we were involved in talking with friends and enjoying all the other things there was to see.

Olden collages 1

I spent my time looking and taking pictures of wildflowers while we waited.

Olden collages 3 restaurant


The bus finally arrived and took us to a lovely lodge on the lake for coffee and waffles.  I really like the pancakes and waffles here in Norway.  I covered mine in sour cream and strawberry jam and washed it down with delicious hot coffee.

I could not help but notice that everywhere we went in Norway we encountered trolls even in the lobby of the restaurant.  I asked one of the hostesses, “What is it about these trolls?”

“They have been around for many, many years and live in the mountains,” she replied.

“Have you ever seen one,” I asked with a smile.





She just looked at me as a faint smile crossed her face and said, “No”.  We both laughed and I left to board the tour boat at the end of the dock.




The views from the lake were breathtaking. No matter where you looked it was beautiful.  I took a few pictures but decided I would rather take it all in and imprint the views on my mind.

Olden 004c



Sue and I took pictures of the lake water.  It was a beautiful, pale emerald green.  I did some research and learned that, “The lake is green because it contains clay particles and rock dust, carved out by the glaciers and swept along by rivers.



The glaciers are continuously crushing up rocks and stones.  When the glacial water reaches the lakes and fjords, it looks green, especially when the sun shines”.  I just know that it was beautiful.

Olden collages 4 town

When we returned to the port area our tour guide suggested that we take the time to visit the little village of Olden.  So, we did.  It was only a 15 minute walk.  I loved the houses up on the mountainside.  We walked past a small town hall, several shops and finally came upon a small shopping area and decided to look around.

After just a little bit, we started our walk back to the port.  Sue and I were talking with Doug and Randy walking a little behind us.  We got to talking and totally lost track of where the guys were.  We looked around and started to think they had perhaps gotten ahead of us.



We continued our walk and made it back to the ship but no Doug or Randy.  What to do?  We checked with the ship and, no, they had not gotten back onto the ship.  We found a picnic table and sat down and watched the little pathway to see if we could see them returning.

We were both a little worried so I offered to return to town to see if I could find them.  I went as fast as I could both there and back and never did see them.  Once again Sue and I sat at the picnic table and waited.  Finally, we spotted the two walking casually down the pathway.

We were happy to see them but somewhat annoyed at the same time.  We learned that they thought we had gone into a store and sat down to wait for us and totally lost track of time.  Too funny!

Vilma - Briksdal glacier 2b

Vilma - Briksdal glacierb



We were happy to get ready for cocktails and dinner and just relax.  We learned that Vilma, Jim, Mickey and Betty took a bus tour to Briksdal glacier.  We all shared our stories and had a great time.  I brought along the chocolates I purchased in Geiranger and passed them around.  Everyone thought they were delicious.

Vilma - Olden 1b

Picture by Vilma

It had been a wonderful, but exhausting day so Randy and I decided to return to our cabin to enjoy watching the scenery as the ship made its way out of the fjord and into the North Sea.

Tomorrow we will be in Bergen, Norway.



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5 Responses to Glaciers and emerald waters in Olden, Norway

  1. helffrich says:

    Another wonderful account of our trip. Your pictures are spectacular.

  2. Barbara Spivey says:

    Pretty country.

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    What a hectic day. The first part was so spectacular that it is hard to describe. Walking into the small town was a bit of a disappointment after what we saw in the morning. Great presentation of what we saw!!!

  4. Genny says:

    Maybe the Trolls are the equivalent to Ocala’s horse statues.

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