Turn around day in Copenhagen


Beautiful, beautiful Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

We woke up today to yet another cold, windy, foggy day.  Today we dock in Copenhagen ending our Arctic Circle – Norway adventure and beginning our 10 night Scandinavia-Russia cruise.


This cruise will take us to Rostock, Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg; Russia, Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia and Stockholm, Sweden.


We were up early to meet Sue and Doug for a lovely breakfast in the dining room.

As consecutive cruisers we were given three options on how to spend our time in Copenhagen as we wait for the passengers to disembark and the new passengers to come aboard.  We had the option to participate in a shore excursion, independently go ashore or gather in the Safari Lounge and wait for the all-clear to get our new SeaPass card.

As I mentioned at the beginning of our first cruise, Vilma, Jim, Mickey and Betty spent several days in Copenhagen before the first cruise and the rest of us have visited here before so we decided to stay onboard.  We were glad we did because it rained most of the day.


The Little Mermaid-Copenhagen, Denmark

Actually, Randy and I were here just last year and enjoyed a wonderful walking tour of the city followed by a great canal tour.  The city is beautiful filled with beautiful architecture, the iconic Little Mermaid statue, the absolutely beautiful area called Nyhavn lined with beautiful, colorful buildings housing many wonderful restaurants and shops, palaces, museums and so much more.

Sue capture the group in our own little living room in the Safari Lounge

Sue captured the group in our own little living room in the Safari Lounge

Vilma - June 17 Turnaround day Copenhagen 2Vilma - June 16 Turnaround day Copenhagen 1Everyone in our group gathered at the lounge and after moving some furniture and pulling a curtain created a comfortable area for us to await our new cabin keys.  We passed the time away talking about the various tours that were available for this leg of our trip.

Randy, I, Sue and Doug had kept our options open until we had a chance to talk with Vilma and the others.  In the end, Vilma, Jim, Mickey and Betty were not going to book any other tours other than the one the booked for St. Petersburg wanting to instead to get off the ship and walk to the city centers at each port and explore on their own.

After talking with Doug and Randy, Sue and I decided to book tours in Riga, St. Petersburg and Stockholm and leave the other stops open so we could do something with the others.  That done we all settled in for what turned out to be a short wait for the staff to call the consecutive cruisers to check out with their old cabin keys and check in with their new ones.  Then we were escorted down to the dining room for a special lunch.


We almost did not have this lunch.  Yesterday at the consecutive cruisers meeting the staff never mentioned a lunch.  Sue brought that to the attention of the staff saying that Royal Caribbean always has a lunch for back-to-back cruisers.  After a few phone calls the staff  announced that, indeed, there would be a lunch.  Nice going Sue, I said.


Lunch was delicious!  We started with a shrimp cocktail or seasonal salad; pan-seared Tilapia fillets or grilled NY strip steak or cheese ravioli; and for dessert a chocolate cherry cake.  I chose the ravioli and was glad I did.  The pasta was al dente, the sauce clean and light and the cheese yummy!


After lunch we made our way back to our cabin for a little rest and prepared for the evening before the mandatory safety drill. Randy took advantage of the rain stopping for a little while and did a little reading on the balcony.

My lovely chocolate martini.

My lovely chocolate martini. Tonight I had a chocolate heart too!

We joined Sue and Doug in the Concierge lounge.  We were joined by friends Dale, Karen and Craig.  Sue and Doug met Dale and Karen on a cruise on the Quantum of the Seas to Shanghai, China.  We met Craig on this trip and were fascinated with his story.  Craig retired, sold his house, stored his belongings and now sails around the world on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.  Can you imagine living on a cruise ship?  I found it fascinating.

When I first met Dale and Karen I learned that Karen alerted Sue to the Arctic Circle -Norway cruise who then shared the information with me and then we shared it with Vilma. And now we are all together. Wonderful!



Doug being silly!




Dinner was wonderful as always with everyone talking excitedly about our upcoming ports-of-call.




For dinner this evening I ordered the Horseradish-crusted salmon.  This dish has become one of my very favorites.  The flavor of the salmon is wonderful, the salmon flakes apart easily and the lemon béurre blanc sauce is so delicate and delicious.  The snow peas and mashed potatoes are a great compliment to the dish.


We made plans to meet Jim and Vilma in the Safari Lounge for an after dinner drink and a little dancing.  Before I knew it, I my eyes became very heavy so we said our goodbyes and returned to the cabin.


As we walked along a photographer asked if we would like to have a ‘Welcome Aboard’ picture taken.  The backdrop was of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn, which I love, so we did.  We continued our trip to the cabin and settled in for the evening.


Tomorrow we dock in Rostock (Berlin), Germany.



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3 Responses to Turn around day in Copenhagen

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    I like these kind of days. Not much to rush to do and we could get to catch up on our sleep. Germany tomorrow. Das ist gut(that is good).

  2. helffrich says:

    I can’t believe you really used that picture of Doug; that’ll teach him to be goofy. Enjoyed the day; enjoyed the blog. Thanks.

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