Spending a very nice day at sea


Today we slept in.  When we finally woke up and looked outside the sky was clear blue  but we were experiencing choppy seas.  When the captain did his morning announcements we learned that it was only 60° outside.

We took our time getting dressed and then went up to the Concierge Lounge for breakfast.  Doug joined us after he finished his morning walk.  We were having a great time just relaxing, enjoying our second cup of coffee and sharing fun stories.

I eventually called Sue to see if she was coming up to join us.  She did and then Karen came by.  It was wonderful to hear about her experiences the day before on an excursion to Berlin.  Sue and Karen then left and Craig came by and shared his experiences while in Berlin.  We definitely have to go to this wonderful city sometime in the future.


Randy wanted to spend a few minutes checking his email so we made our way up to deck 7.  While he was working on the computer I stood by the railing and watched as the singers, dancers and aerialists of the Aquatronica show rehearse for their next show.  I find it fascinating that they are able to do these athletic and beautiful shows on a ship moving through the oceans.


We returned to our cabin for a bit before making our way up to deck 10 and queuing up for a tour of the owner’s suite.  What was interesting about this tour was that everyone who showed up for the tour was told that if they played bingo today and won they would be transferred to the owner’s suite and spend the rest of the cruise there.    Oh dear, I do not play bingo.


I must say, the owner’s suite was lovely.  As you entered the cabin there was a small dining area with a great deal of storage to the left, the bathroom to the right.  The bathroom was beautiful with two sinks, a toilet and bidet, a full tub and shower.  On the other side of the dining area was a lovely living space with a sectional couch, tables and a chair with an ottoman.




There is a large screen television atop a stand and mounted on a poll which allows the television to swivel so you can see the screen from the living room or bedroom. There was also a curtain that could be pulled across the bedroom area for privacy.  Also in the bedroom was a vanity and storage space.


IMG_4419IMG_4421The balcony was quite large with two padded lounge chairs at one end and two chairs and a table at the other.  The tour guide was asked and answered many questions about square footage, price, etc.  When the tour was over and I could not help but wonder just how many of the visitors to this cabin would be playing bingo today.  Before returning to the cabin, we stopped by the see if the shops had any type of ointment I could put on my knee.  I injured my knee while walking around Olden, Norway a few days before and it was becoming increasingly painful.  I found a tube of Bengay and was very happy.




Again, before we knew it, it was time to prepare for the evening.  Tonight was formal night, an opportunity to have photographs taken with Captain Krzysztof Szynkarczuk and the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Reception.    But first, up to the lounge for cocktails.  I tried something new this evening called a Lemon Drop.  It was light, refreshing and delicious.

IMG_4451 I love the first formal night on the ship because it means they will be serving one of my very favorites for dinner.  The entire combination of  Carved filet of beef tenderloin with Morel‐crimini mushroom sauce and creamy whipped potatoes is just beyond delicious.

baltic at sea collage 1



While we were enjoying our dinner Mickey mentioned that she and Betty would love to have their picture taken with the captain.  Mickey and Betty are of Polish descent and so is our captain.  So, we let our wonderful server, Suzana know that we needed to leave a little early so we could get up to deck 5.


Randy and I made our way quickly up to deck 5 and were happy that there was no one else in line.  We greeted the captain and told him that we met him in February aboard the Serenade as it sailed in the Caribbean. He smiled, the photo was taken and we moved on.

Randy and I waited and realized that time was growing short before the captain had to go down into the Centrum for the beginning of ‘Captain’s Welcome Aboard Reception’ and Mickey and Betty were nowhere to be seen.  By the time they made it upstairs the captain had already left.

I felt so bad because I knew they were disappointed.  A light bulb went off in my head and quickly made my way down to deck 4.  While the captain was speaking I approached a member of the staff and asked what the chances would be if I asked the captain if he would stop for just a moment after he comes off the Centrum to have his picture taken with my friends.

He looked at me for a few moments and quietly whispered, “He will be coming this way.  Perhaps if you can catch his ear as he is leaving, he just may”.  I went back upstairs gathered Mickey and Betty and explained what I was trying to do.  We all went down and stationed ourselves close to the Centrum.


The captain left the Centrum and stood just a few feet away.  I walked over and quietly explained what I want to do and he said, “Of course”.  Mickey and Betty were very happy.


Now it was time to head into the theater to see a wonderful group we had enjoyed on the first leg of our cruise, The Revolvers!  featuring many the sounds of the 60’s including the Beatles, The Kinks, Four Seasons, The Beach Boys and many more.  They were just as good the second time as they were the first with people clapping and singing along with their favorite songs.  One woman started to dance in the aisle which brought much appreciation from the audience.

It was a really nice relaxing day spending time with friends, taking the tour of the suite, and ending it with an upbeat show.  But now my knee was screaming so we returned to our cabin for a little rest before calling it a day.


Tomorrow we dock at Tallinn, Estonia.



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3 Responses to Spending a very nice day at sea

  1. helffrich says:

    Another wonderful sea day. Thanks for sharing

  2. Genny says:

    Y’all always have your pictures taken with the Captains on each of the ships. I’m wondering if the Captains still join certain dinner tables in the Dining Room. Back in 1990 RC did that and we were treated to whatever drinks we wanted with our meal. Or have they abandoned that practice?

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    A great thing you did for Mickey and Betty. I was amazed that you just did it!! Tallinn, one of my most favorite places in the Baltic, can’t wait!!!.

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