Lovely, relaxing sea day

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Our lovely group–Top from left-Jim and Vilma–Betty and Mickey. Bottom from left-Doug and Sue–Randy and Mary

I love sea days.  I especially love that we are having a sea day today.  I had a very restless night dealing with a constant ache in my left knee.

Randy was up early and offered to bring down a cup of coffee for me from the lounge before he left to meet Jim for a tour of the bridge.  As soon as he left the cabin I fell fast asleep and did not wake until 10:30 AM.

View from the bridte

View from the bridge

Randy had mentioned the bridge tour to Jim earlier in the cruise and invited him to come along.  Randy told Jim that we had participated in the bridge tour while on the Serenade in February and thought Jim would enjoy it.IMG_0558b

Randy felt that because Jim was a pilot he would enjoy the tour and understand the numerous gauges and scopes on the bridge.


Randy told me that, “Jim seemed very comfortable with all that was said and enjoyed it, asking technical questions”.  Jim asked the crewman in charge of the tour, “Where did the terms ‘port’ and ‘starboard’ come from?”


The crewman said that the terms came from ancient times.  That said, Jim explained to the group that the old merchant sailing ships only had one side that was built for a gangway to load and unload goods and passengers, so that side was referred to as the port side.  Randy said the crew and visitors enjoyed Jim’s input.

Once the tour was over Jim told Randy that he really enjoyed the tour and appreciated Randy asking him to go on the tour.

“Did you enjoy the tour too?” I asked.

“I had a great time.  It was really nice to spend some time doing something with Jim,” he replied.

While he and Jim were on the tour, I did a little preliminary packing, sent some clothes down to be laundered and sat quietly on the balcony until Randy returned.

There are only two more stops on this leg of the cruise so we spent the rest of the morning doing little chores around the ship.  The chain on my Crown & Anchor necklace had broken so we took it down to the jewelry shop and they were kind enough to repair it for me.  Next we went to the photo shop and purchased our special moment pictures.  Then we were off to the Next Cruise office to sign up for a cruise in 2017.




On our way to the Solarium so Randy could get some lunch, we spotted a towel demonstration taking place in the Centrum.  The crew made a hanging monkey, elephant, kissing swans, a frog, a rabbit and an alligator.  I love towel animals.


We made it up to the Solarium and I laughed when I spied a funny looking blue towel octopus outside on the pool deck.  I loved the little details of placing a hat on the octopus and goggles with ping pong balls for eyes.  Very funny!


We returned to our cabin for an afternoon of just kicking back before preparing for the evening.  When we entered the cabin there was a plate of sweet goodies waiting for us courtesy of the hotel director, William Downey.  They were all devoured quickly and were delicious.

This is actually a Lemon Drop but there were so many cherries in it, the drink turned pink.

This is actually a Lemon Drop but there were so many cherries in it, the drink turned pink. Very funny!

Cocktail time was wonderful as always having fun with our friends.  Tonight was our last formal night so everyone looked wonderful.  I had not eaten all day, save the few sweet treats this afternoon, so I went all out.


IMG_5142I ordered the house salad with Boston and oak leaf lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes and sunflower seeds with light vinaigrette.  For my main course I ordered the Three-cheese Tortelloni with sautéed mushrooms and mascarpone cream sauce.  And as a wonderful finale, I ordered the Ivory Chocolate Mousse.  The entire dinner was wonderful.


We decided to forgo the evening’s entertainment and instead see if we could find a seat in the Centrum and listen to the sounds of Just Us Duo.  The keyboardist was amazing and the singer had this wonderful earthy, jazzy tone to her voice that was a treat to my ears.  They played and sang a nice variety of old and new songs for listening and dancing.


IMG_5144bWe had heard this pair of entertainers many times passing by the Centrum but the room was always so crowded we would just walk by; but not tonight.  As always it was difficult to find a chair.  We sat at the bar for a short while until two chairs came available.  After a short while Jim showed up and voilá a couple of seats opened up behind us and shortly Vilma came along.  A little later we saw Betty and Mickey up on deck 6 looking down and then they joined us.


We turned our chairs around and we talked a bit and watched Jim and Vilma dance.  Randy and I finally got up twice but only to slow songs.  No jitterbugging for me with my knee.  Karen was in the area and came over to ask how I was feeling.  We chatted a bit and then I introduced her to our friends.

It had been a really nice laid-back day but my leg needed to be up off the floor.  We said our good nights and returned to our cabin to relax for a little while before turning off the lights.


Tomorrow we will be taking part in a walking tour around Riga, Latvia.



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4 Responses to Lovely, relaxing sea day

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    A busy day at sea, but we accomplished most all of the things we wanted to get done. I enjoyed the towel animal display, the bridge tour and listening to the duo play and sing in the Centrum. Too bad Mary had knee trouble because there were so many great songs to dance to. Mary did her best to do the slow ones. She is such a trooper!!!!

  2. helffrich says:

    Doug and I didn’t see you very much that day. I enjoyed reading about your day. Hope your knee is doing well now.

  3. Cynthia Bergmann says:

    As always you guys are enjoying life. Happy to hear that you had a wonderful trip.

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