Rockin’ out in Falmouth, Jamaica at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville


“What a great day it is going to be!” I thought as I stepped out onto the balcony and saw a beautiful bright blue sky and calm seas.


We were both excited today because we would be able to go on shore with our friends and spend a fun day in Falmouth, Jamaica.  We have been to Jamaica several times over the years and have always had a great time.


We have climbed Dunn’s River Falls twice, enjoyed an absolutely delicious lunch at Club Nazz & Restaurant, and took a fun catamaran ride around the island.  One very special memory is a visit we made to Ocho Rios in 1996 where Randy bought my engagement ring and proposed on a dark and stormy night on the Majesty of the seas.  It was very romantic.


View of the Falmouth cruise port from our balcony.

The last few times we have stopped at Falmouth we enjoyed just strolling through the Falmouth Cruise Port spending time browsing through the many shops, looking at the beautiful handicrafts at the Craft Market and finally stopping at our favorite spot, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.  Today we all decided we would do the same.


We were the first ones in the lounge this morning. It was so peaceful. Lovely way to start the day.


Lovely spread of fruits, cheeses, meats, breads, and pastries.

img_5963We were up early and made our way up to the Diamond Club for a small continental breakfast and café lattes.  Randy was especially happy today as he sat near the window and looked out over the boardwalk and beyond to the water.

We made arrangements to meet everyone on the pier at 10AM.  We gathered our things and headed down to deck 2 to disembark.  I cleared security and walked down the gangplank.  At the bottom I realized that Randy was not behind me.  I waited for a few moments and then, when I had a chance, walked back up the gangplank.

Randy had been stopped and told that he had not been cleared by medical.  He was standing there patiently explaining that he had been cleared late yesterday and was cleared to go ashore.  Well, it took a few phone calls but he was eventually cleared.


We met Bob, Sandy, Dennis and Connie on the pier and started our walk around the port. There is a small area in the port area where a local band plays fun, upbeat island music.  The whole atmosphere at the port is very festive.


We stopped in several shops picking up our charms, taste testing rum cake, dancing the hula at the Cariloha store to get free bamboo necklaces, pricing various bottles of spirits, stopping to admire the crafts at the Craft Market and finally, taking a stroll through the Margaritaville complex.


As we came out of the Cariloha store Connie and the others ran into someone they had met earlier on the cruise.  I learned that it was Brazilian Volleyball player Gustavo Endres.  I learned that he had won a gold and silver medal at the Olympics.  I walked over and congratulated him and he was very gracious when we asked if he would be kind enough to have his and his wife’s, picture taken with the group.


It was a little too early to stop for lunch so we continued to walk around the port a little longer before returning to the restaurant for lunch.  Sandy could not resist having her picture taken with the pirate sitting just outside the complex.  Connie and I decided we would join in.

After we walked around the inside of the retail store, walking past the margarita glass hot tub, pool with swim up bar we settled on a table inside the restaurant with a bird’s eye view of the courtyard and the DJ.

The last time we were here Randy and I bought the Volcano Nachos and ate the whole thing.  When it was brought to our table this time my eyes grew wide with disbelief that we were able to finish it all.  We could have fed the entire table with one plate of these delicious nachos.  Too funny!


img_6208bWhile we were enjoying our nachos, cold beer and margaritas, the DJ started to engage everyone with musical games.  He placed a chair in the middle of the courtyard and encouraged anyone who knew the name of a song and its artist to come and sit in the chair.  With each correct answer you earned points.  The variety of the music was great with a little rock & roll, a little heavy metal, and, of course, a little island music.

img_5998The first one of our group to run to the chair was Connie.  Next came me, then Sandy.  I ran up many times.  There was a young boy who kept running up to the chair and then looked to his parents for the answers.  Even the DJ was laughing.  But in the end, I won.  For my wonderful musical knowledge, I was rewarded with a souvenir canteen filled with a cold, sweet, frozen margarita.  Fun, fun, fun!

We returned to the ship and took a much needed rest before preparing for the evening.  We made our way up to the Diamond Lounge for refreshments then down to the dining room for a light dinner.


After dinner we took a short walk around Central Park eventually finding an inviting park bench under the trellis and sat quietly enjoying the piano music of Alasdair Brown.  We knew there would be some fun doings on the Promenade and decided to take a few minutes to walk around before going to the evening’s headliner show.


There was a Caribbean band playing, a special appearance by DreamWorks King Julien, Alex the Lion and Gloria from Madagascar, and tempting Pineapple Pina Coladas for sale.  By the time we reached the theater it was just a few minutes before the curtain went up.


Tonight’s headliners were a group called VoicePlay.  The group is made up of five entertainers who, according to what I read, “Recreate the orchestrated sound of an entire musical production with nothing but the human voice”.  They were wonderful!!

Randy and I were thoroughly blown away by the talent of these five gentlemen.  They sang, they created their own instrumentation, engaged the audience pulling one very lucky guest up on stage who delighted the crowd with his ability to fit into the group.  They were called back to do two more songs before leaving the stage to a standing ovation.


Here we all are in Bob and Lucille’s Grand Suite. Lovely!

We ran into Bob and Lucille when we entered the theater and were invited to their cabin for a night cap.  At the conclusion of the entertainment we met them and headed up to their cabin.  We were joined shortly by Dennis, Connie, Bob and Sandy and had a great time sharing funny stories.

It had been a wonderful, fun day but Randy’s stamina had been taxed so we made our way back to the cabin for a good night’s sleep.

We were both glad that tomorrow we would be spending the day at sea as we slowly cruise to our next destination, Cozumel, Mexico.


That is my Cariloha bamboo necklace around the neck of my first towel animal. Funny!








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4 Responses to Rockin’ out in Falmouth, Jamaica at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

  1. Vilma Colon says:

    So sorry Randy got sick but it looks like he is up and about now…

  2. helffrich says:

    Sounds like a really fun day. So glad Randy is doing better.

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    I am doing much better, just a little weak from the experience. Should be up to my almost normal by the time we reach Cozumel.

  4. Connie Henderson says:

    Good to know that Randy was making a recovery and enjoying himself.

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