A quiet, lazy. fun day at sea

Threatening clouds and a chance of thunder storms

Threatening clouds and a chance of thunder storms

I love sea days!  I love being out on the open water especially if the skies are clear and the waters are calm.


When first we woke, it looked as though we would be having cloudy skies and rough seas but by 10:30AM the skies had cleared, the clouds were a beautiful marshmallow white and the sea had quieted down.

Our only commitment for today was a dinner engagement with the others at Chops Grille.  We dressed, made our way up to the Diamond Lounge for a quiet morning of coffee and pastries and talked about what exactly it was that we wanted to do.

Randy, still not feeling 100%, did not want to do much so we just walked around the ship.  I mentioned to him that I had a wonderful time while he was confined reacquainting myself with some of the beautiful, and sometimes whimsical, artwork around the ship.


I remember the first time we cruised on the Oasis in 2010 and how I loved walking up and down the forward and aft stairwells looking at all the artwork on display and falling in love with one particular painting in the forward, starboard stairwell by British-Argentinean artist Rakel Bernie.  The piece called Down by the Water, 2007 a mixed media done with Okaward Japanese paper.  I think it is so beautiful!

Look through those eyes and see wondrous things!

Look through those eyes and see wondrous things!

We started our journey around the ship in search of some of the small, funny and beautiful photographs on the Promenade. The two artists responsible for these ‘small wonders’ are Americans Peter Bahouth and Larry Kirkland.

img_5814bThe first, and one of my favorites, is a stereoscopic photograph by American Peter Bahouth called Road Trip.  The accompanying plaque reads:

“This shot, taken right at the surface on the far side of Maui, captures the way a road points to the horizon especially when it’s empty of cars or people”.  This is one of my very favorites because Randy and I traveled down this road on our honeymoon.

img_5824bThe next also by Peter Bahouth is a stereoscopic photograph called Orchid.  The accompanying plaque reads:

“When viewing this orchid in perfect bloom, you can see the contrast of its amazing color set against the green leaves in the background”.


img_5864bWe continued on and looked through the lenses to see a photograph by Peter Bahouth of a Sycamore tree just beginning to bloom in early spring.  The accompanying plaque reads:

“Although a tree from the early spring may not seem like much to look at, the seed pods and vapor trail from a passing airplane add depth to this photograph”.



Next we stopped we saw a photograph simply entitled Monkey 1 by Peter Bahouth.  The accompanying plaque reads:

“While riding in a small boat somewhere in a deep jungle in Thailand, these two suddenly came down from the tops of the trees to say hello.  They are as intrigued by us as we are by them”.


img_5817bTwo of my very favorites of Larry Kirkland are of seashells, quartz and other small wonders.  We stopped at one that displayed sea shells (Alabaster, Murex, Trochas, Didyma, Polinices, Turbos Bruneus and Turbinidae Astraeinae)-Mixed media.  The plaque reads:

“The spiral beauty of gastropod external skeleton has infinite variations in the many types of sea shells.  Spirals occur in nature from the tiniest of shells and plants, to hurricanes and galaxies”.

img_6163bAnother of Kirkland’s that I enjoy is a Brazilian Agate with Icelandic Spar – mixed media.  The plaque reads:

“Agates are a microcrystalline form of quartz – fine grained and colorful.  Thin slices reveal patterns remarkably like terrestrial formations.  Vikings used the light transmitting qualities of Iceland Spar to tell direction of the sun on cloudy days and called this transparent crystal a “sunstone”.

There are 42 of these small wonders located around the ship, we have yet to find them all.  Perhaps when we board the Oasis in February I will make that a mission.  We shall see.


img_6146bAbsolutely one of our favorite pieces of artwork is the Flock of Seagulls sculpture by Puerto Rican artists Carlos Betancourt and Alberto Latorre flying high in the forward elevator shaft. In an article in the Denver Post writer Bob Kelley wrote, “The sculpture features 88 aluminum birds boasting three sizes, four design shapes and 12 signature tail configurations.  Each gull has its own distinctive hand-painted floral pattern.  The entire flock is suspended, free-floating, on long cables so that the slightest movement of the ship captures the beauty, movement and elegance of flight”.

All I know is; every piece of artwork on the Oasis is beautiful and worth a few minutes of everyone’s time to just stop and enjoy!


As we continued our walk we ran into Bob, Sandy, Connie and Dennis sitting in front of the Globe and Atlas Pub.  We stopped for a while and chatted then retreated back to our cabin for a rest.


We returned to the cabin and found a very nice treat from room service awaiting us.  They did not last too long.  They were delicious.


While I was taking a short nap Randy decided he needed to walk around the pool deck for a while.  While there he ran into the others and watched at Bob Dulee zip lined high above the Boardwalk 10 decks below.  Everyone applauded his wonderful effort.




By the time Randy returned to the cabin it was time to prepare for the evening.  We were to meet the others at Chops Grille at 5:30PM in Central Park.  I love Chops Grille.  It is by far my favorite specialty restaurant on the Royal Caribbean ships.



As always the dinner was beyond delicious.  I ordered the 9 oz. Filet Mignon with béarnaise sauce; garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.  The entire meal was mouth watering and delicious.

After dinner we all ran back to our cabins, changed clothes and made our way down to the Comedy Club for a late-night show.  The two comedians were Robbie Printz and Andrew Kennedy.


img_6050bPrintz had the entire audience laughing so hard I am sure everyone’s sides hurt as bad as mine did.  On the other hand, Kennedy was a flop.  His brand of humor just did not resonate with the audience.  Impatient with that, he resorted to insulting the audience.  We all agreed that had we not been sitting where we were, we would have exited the club shortly after he started his routine.

Oh well, this one little blip in our day could not take away the wonderful and fun time we had looking at beautiful things, applauding a friend for his bravery, eating a delicious dinner and spending time with our friends.

Tomorrow we dock in Cozumel, Mexico.



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3 Responses to A quiet, lazy. fun day at sea

  1. Rachel Herbig says:

    So happy that you’re having a marvelous Cruise. The your photography is sensational.

  2. Randy Chartier says:

    I am sort of back on my game and wandering the ship help me get more energy in my step. Beautiful day and a wonderful meal with our friends and especially my wife and nurse Mary.

  3. helffrich says:

    I love all the Small Wonders on Oasis. Thanks for sharing some of them. We have just arrived in Vancouver this morning ending our Alaska trip. Now we’re off to Hawaii.

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