Hectic last day as we slowly cruise to Ft. Lauderdale



The last day of any cruise is a hectic one.  All those last minute things you wanted to do are suddenly crammed into one last day on the ship.


We were up early to get ready for an early morning navigational bridge tour.  A quick run up to the Diamond Club for coffee and we were on our way.  I love bridge tours.  There is just something magical about standing in the center of the bridge and looking out over the bow of the ship.  Wonderful!




The young officer who guided the tour was wonderful.  He was kind, informative and very patient as he answered every question asked; and there were many.  We were shown the ship’s throttles, the radar systems and the main navigational controls.


Next he introduced us to the ships extensive security networks for both public and some non-public regions of the ship.  The new system is considered an important tool for the safety and protection of everyone on the ship.  Everyone in the room was quite impressed.



Johnny Rockets


Still hungry we decided to head for the Boardwalk to have a breakfast at Johnny Rockets.  While we were eating we noticed our friends way up on the sports deck watching people zip lining. Later that day we learned that Bob Dulee and our birthday boy Bob Kessler had both zipped that morning.

Birthday Bob

Birthday Bob

Our wonderful friend Bob Kessler flying high above the Boardwalk.  You go Bob!!!


I love the Penguins of Madagascar!

Next on our list of things to do was to join the hundreds of other passengers on the Promenade to do last minute shopping.  When we arrived at the Promenade I noticed that the Dreamworks Penguins of Madagascar where holding an appearance and photo opportunity.  I absolutely could not resist.  We stopped.

We continued our leisurely walk through all the shops.  We bought a few things and then made our way up to the photo shop to pick our souvenir pictures.  That done, we went down to the Casino to play our three free pulls.  We never really anything significant but it is fun.


Park Cafe in Central Park

We had plans to attend a show in the afternoon so we returned to the cabin to pack and then went down to the Park Café for a light lunch.


img_6182bWhen we cruised on the Oasis in 2014 we were privileged to see a dress rehearsal of their then new show, CATS.  Randy and I have seen CATS twice before but were eager to see it again and it was wonderful all over again.

Late afternoon was fast approaching so we returned to our cabin to prepare for the evening.  We made our way up to the Diamond Club and ran into one of my very favorite bartenders, Raymond.  We hugged and said our goodbyes.


From front–Randy and Mary, Bob and Lucille, Dennis and Connie and Bob and Sandy–Great group!

Then off to the Coastal Kitchen to meet the others for our last dinner on the ship.


Roasted chicken with vegetables


Caesar salad in crouton bowl


Creme Brulee

I loved the last night’s dinner so much I ordered it again.  I ordered the Caesar salad in crouton bowl, the Roasted Chicken and vegetables and a Crème Brulee for dessert.  It was all just yummy!


We had a great time talking about the cruise and the two Bob’s taking the plunge and zip lining and our morning plans to meet and disembark.

By the time we returned to our cabin I could not believe how fast the day had gone by.  We finished our packing, put our luggage outside the door and settled down for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we disembark, catch a shuttle to pick up our car and make the 4 hour ride home.



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One Response to Hectic last day as we slowly cruise to Ft. Lauderdale

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    It was a hectic day with all of the things we did. the week went by very quickly and we are ready to get back home and relax. I know that I am tired after the week we had on board….

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