Short, sweet cruise to the Bahamas on the Majesty of the seas


Just ten short days after disembarking the Oasis of the seas we are boarding the Majesty of the seas for a short, sweet cruise to the beautiful aquamarine waters of the Bahamas.  On the Oasis we celebrated our friend Bob’s birthday, on this trip we will be celebrating our friend Dennis’ birthday.

As we stood in line to sign-in and board the ship I could not help but reflect on the fact that we just cruised on the one of the largest ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet and we were about to board a ship that was about half the size.  To put it in perspective, the Oasis can accommodate a maximum of 6,296 passengers while the Majesty accommodates 2,744 passengers.


Connie took the picture above while we were on our Oasis cruise which shows just perfectly the difference in the size of these two ships.  The large ship is the Oasis; the small ship is actually the Empress of the seas.  The Empress is just a bit smaller than the Majesty.  What a difference!


Before boarding the Oasis Randy presented the ladies with Crown and Anchor earrings that he made today he presented them with Crown and Anchor pendants.  Is that cool or what?

The last time we were on the Majesty was in 1996.   We cruised to the Western Caribbean with Randy’s family.  A fun note is that on that the cruise Randy and I got engaged.  During the cruise a major storm stirred in the Gulf of Mexico and wouldn’t you know it at the height of the storm Randy decided to propose.


the camera was a little low and cut our heads off but definitely captured the moment!!


The box Randy put the camera on that stormy, wonderful night!

It was formal night and we had just finished dinner and he asked me if I would like to take a walk around the Promenade deck.  I looked outside and thought that he was mad!  The skies were black, the sea was turbulent and rain was lashing the side of the ship.  But, I went anyway.  When we got to the back of the ship, Randy stopped and placed our camera on a small silver box, put it into automatic mode, came over to me and asked, with ring in hand, “Mary, will you marry me?”  Without hesitation I threw my arms around his neck and said, “Yes”, just as the flash went off.   Unfortunately, the camera was a little low and cut our heads off.  Too funny!



We continued our stroll around the ship quietly sharing memories of that wonderful week.We decided to stop for a bit at a bar overlooking the pool so I could enjoy the drink of the day.  The Tropical Sunset is a tasty combination of Smirnoff vodka/peach schnapps/Chambord with cranberry and pineapple juice.  Yummy!

img_6216We stopped by our cabin and had to laugh when we opened the door.  I had forgotten just small the cabins were.  We both laughed and spent a few minutes looking to see what upgrades had been made to the cabins.  I was pleased to see that they had added a safe.  In the past I had to lock our valuable in our luggage.  Overall, we were pleased to see that the ship had been kept in remarkable condition.  I was very happy to be on her once again.


Before we knew it, it was time to head down for the safety drill.  We met up with Bob, Sandy, Dennis and Connie.  Bob and Lucille were in a suite and had a different drill location.




Right after the drill we made our way back up to the pool deck for the sail away party.  We met our friends and watched the Florida coastline slowly drift away while watching happy passengers dancing and relaxing in the pool.




We returned to the cabin to prepare for the evening and were pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful plate of chocolate covered strawberries from our wonderful travel agent Andy awaiting our return.  They were delicious!

Celebrating Dennis’ birthday was but one celebration for this cruise.  Another celebration involved Dennis, Connie, Bob and Lucille rising to Diamond level and Bob and Sandy rising to Emerald level in the Crown and Anchor Society.  Attaining a new level represents the number of nights spent cruising on Royal Caribbean and affords members additional perks.


Tonight Bob, Lucille, Dennis and Connie would be joining us in Viking Crown Lounge for cocktails as Diamonds.   There is no designated room on the Majesty for Diamonds and Diamond Plus members so they rope off a section of the Viking Crown Lounge from 5:30 to 8:00pm for cocktails.


As Emeralds Bob and Sandy had to sit on the other side of the rope.  We had to laugh when Bob walked over and put the rope up to his nose and appeared to be sighing that he could not join us.  The good news is that Bob and Sandy will be Diamond members in January.


I was not very hungry so I skipped the appetizers and salads and chose one of my favorites from the menu.  I chose the Horseradish-Crusted Fillet of Atlantic Salmon with celeriac-potato mash, snow peas and lemon beurre blanc and sweet mustard drizzle.  The salmon is flaky and delicious and cooked just perfectly.  No dessert this evening.

We decided not to attend the evening’s entertainment in the theater and retreated to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we stop at Royal Caribbean’s private island of CocoCay.




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6 Responses to Short, sweet cruise to the Bahamas on the Majesty of the seas

  1. Barbara spivey says:

    Have a terrific time. We cruise again in December. Can hardly wait. We ‘ve spent far too much time on land. Our last trip was to Bermuda–back in the spring.

  2. helffrich says:

    I laughed when I saw your cabin. What a shock after your Junior Suites.

    • Hi, Sue–I know, right? The cabin was small but cozy. It really did bring me back to that cruise in 1996. Our cabin back then was small too. But it definitely made me appreciate spending time in the junior suites. Mary

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    It was nice going back on the Majesty of the Seas and seeing familiar sights and places that are part of our memories of a time a long time ago.

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