Calm, relaxing day at sea



Today is the last day of our short and sweet birthday cruise and it is going to be a beautiful day.  By the time we prepared for breakfast the sun was already high in the sky and white clouds were slowly drifting by the ship.  And, oh my, the color of the water was a beautiful sapphire blue.


We decided today to have breakfast in the dining room.  We were seated at a table for two.  We were delighted to see our wonderful evening server Wayan approach the table to see if we were ready to order.  We thought this was especially nice as where we were seated was not in his area but he came over to make sure we were taken care of.  I ordered the French toast and it was absolutely delicious.

As we slowly sipped our coffee we looked over the Cruise Compass to see if there was anything we would like to do.

There was so much to choose from.  There was a bean bag toss, various trivia games around the ship, scrapbooking workshop, and a towel folding demonstration, art auction, a scavenger hunt, a belly flop competition, dance classes, seminars, bingo and so much more.

In the end we decided that we would just do nothing.  We spent the morning exploring the ship enjoying the weather and delighting in everyone else enjoying their last day before returning home.


Sparkling Mai Tai

Sparkling Mai Tai




We would stopped for a time poolside to listen to the sounds of Caribbean music by Riddim Waves and enjoyed the drink of the day.  The Sparkling Mai Tai was cold, refreshing and delicious!






At one point during our walk, I looked out over the bow of the ship and noticed that straight ahead and to the left the sky was beautiful and clear while to the right there were storm clouds and rain filled the sky.


While walking around the promenade deck we came upon Bob and Dennis.  Connie and Sandy were off shopping.  We sat for a little while then continued our walk.

We went inside walking through the shops and purchasing a few things.  Then off to the casino to use our free pulls and an extra promotional $5.  I won $17.00.  First time ever!




I could not believe it when we looked at our watches; it was time to prepare for evening cocktails and dinner.  Since we did not have lunch I decided to have a full dinner.  I started with a shrimp cocktail and a  Caprese salad for starters.


For my entrée I ordered the Chicken Marsala—sautéed chicken scaloppini, Marsala-mushroom sauce, buttery mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.  The chicken was so tender.


I topped off this wonderful meal with the BBB Crème Brulée (Baileys Irish cream-flavored crème brülée with caramelized bananas.  Every bite was a sheer delight.


View of the evening sky through the dining room window.

As we enjoyed our dessert I noticed that the sun was setting filling the sky with hues of yellow and red.  The sky was just beautiful.  As I looked at the sunset I thought, “What a beautiful ending to a wonderful cruise with our friends”.

Dinner was, as always, fun as we talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company.  We all thanked Wayan and Daniel for making our dining experience so wonderful.

We said our good nights and returned to our cabin to finish packing.  The cruise had come to an end and we would be leaving the beautiful Majesty of the seas and returning home.



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4 Responses to Calm, relaxing day at sea

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    What a nice cruise. It was nice to share it with our friends.

  2. Dar Harper says:

    Glad to hear you had another fun cruise, hope the arm is better! Darlyne Harper

  3. Connie Henderson says:

    Glad you had a great cruise. I was not sure if you broke your arm or just injured the tissue. You had some nice friends to cruise with for a birthday cruise. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Take care of that arm.

  4. helffrich says:

    Sounds like a really enjoyable cruise. Hope your arm is feeling better.

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