Spending Thanksgiving at our little piece of heaven: Coconut Plantation Part II

Big Hickory Island Beach

Big Hickory Island Beach

For the past two days the weather here at Coconut Plantation has been wonderful.  Each day as I stepped out onto the balcony my eyes were greeted with bright blue cloudless skies, gentle breezes rustling through the palm fronds and temperatures in the mid and high 70’s.



Yesterday we did something we have not done in a very long time; nothing.  We slept in, had a very lazy breakfast, dressed and made our way to the pool.   We found two chairs under a very inviting umbrella and settled in a long quiet day of basking in the sun.


As the afternoon rolled around, we decided to get a bite to eat from The Veranda Bar and Grill.  I did not want anything big so I picked up an order of queso and chips.  The chips are warm and come with sour cream, salsa and cheese queso and they warm the chips.  I enjoyed my waffle fries yesterday so much I decided to order another batch along with a serving of Boom-Boom sauce.  The sauce is the perfect hot, spicy dip for the fries.  Just the perfect food for a lazy afternoon.


Before we knew it, it was time to get dressed for the owner’s happy hour at the clubhouse.  Each Tuesday there is an owner’s happy hour with Margaritas, a non-alcoholic punch and snacks.  We  loved sitting outside drinking our Margaritas while sharing stories about past visits with family and friends.  We returned to our condo for a quiet evening of watching TV.

The next morning we planned on going over to the beach so we were off to bed early.

Today we were off to Hyatt’s secluded Big Hickory Island Beach.  Big Hickory is a 34-acre beach park with plenty of white sand, sea shells, chairs, umbrellas and picnic areas.  And, if you keep your eyes open, dolphins swimming up and down the beach.


We were anxious to see the beach.  The last time we were here the beach had been badly damaged after several bad storms in the Gulf of Mexico.  The Hyatt engaged in a lengthy reclamation project that lasted several years.




It is a five minute ride in the hotels trolley and a fifteen minute ride on a water taxi in Estero Bay to reach the island.  From the dock it is a short five minute walk to the beach.  As we approached the beach we were both very happy.


When we were here last the beach was almost totally gone.  There were chairs on the beach with water splashing underneath.  Now the beach was at least 75′ from the water’s edge and concrete jetties had been installed to prevent the sand from eroding.  A volleyball court and bean bag toss games had been added too.  Lovely, just lovely.




We found our chairs and settled in for a great day in the sun.  I picked up my book and smiled to myself that it was going to be yet another great day at our little piece of heaven.


As the minutes turned into hours more and more clouds spread across the sky. Every once in a while I would put my book down and just look out over the blue green water just enjoying the day and several times I was rewarded with the sight of dolphins swimming from the bay out into the gulf and back again.


“Randy,” I exclaimed.  “Look there is a dolphin swimming by”.  Just as I said that, children further down the beach ran to the water’s edge with anxious anticipation.  Squeals of delight could be heard as the dolphin came closer to shore giving the children a great show.  In the end we saw several dolphins as they swam back and forth to the bay.


It had been a fun day and time to head back to the condo.  We hopped back onto the water taxi and covered the short distance from the island back to the dock.


Along the way we crossed under the bridge that connects Bonita Beach and Estero an the many water birds that sit on the pylons in the bay.  We spotted sea gulls, cormorants and pelicans.


We hopped back onto the trolley for the short ride back to the condo.  We decided to continue with our laid-back approach to the vacation and spent the rest of the afternoon watching a funny movie called Central Intelligence starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.  Interesting pairing of acting styles but it worked.  Randy and I laughed and laughed.

These last four days have been wonderful.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I wish my family, friends and all my readers a very Happy and Bountiful Thanksgiving.



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4 Responses to Spending Thanksgiving at our little piece of heaven: Coconut Plantation Part II

  1. helffrich says:

    Relaxation is wonderful, and what a spot to do that. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Randy.

  2. Tina says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary and Randy.

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    Great day at the beach and great weather. I am so relaxed and so is Mary.

  4. Bob and Sandy says:

    Love to hear how much fun you are having. Keep it up. All is well here.

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