Holiday cruising on the Rhapsody of the seas – day 3

Tabyana Beach

Tabyana Beach

img_7979We woke up this morning very early anticipating stepping out onto the balcony to a warm, sunny morning.  However, the first thing I saw was an island far in the distance shrouded in a fine mist making it almost invisible.  “Not to worry,” I thought the prediction for the day is temperatures in the 80’s and partly cloudy skies.


Breakfast was easy decision today.  Last evening we received a lovely plate of fresh cut pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon from the Crown & Anchor Society all we needed was piping hot cups of café lattes.  Randy went up to the lounge and returned with two cups of our favorite coffee.  The fruit was ripe, sweet and wonderfully delicious.


Today we are docking at the port of Coxen Hole, Roátan, Honduras.  We have been here several times over the years on our and with family and friends.  We have always enjoyed our day in Roatan very much.

While here in the past we visited Bananarama Beach with the family, Tabyana Beach with friends and the Maya Key Private Island Resort on our own; all the visits were great fun.

I had asked Randy what he wanted to do this time while on shore and he said, “I would really like to return to Tabyana Beach.  I can still remember the wonderful barbeque lunch we had there and would love to have that again”.


So, as soon as the ship docked we lined up on the pier to participate in a shore excursion called Tabyana Beach Break.  Tabyana is a private beach of white sand, lovely turquoise waters, snorkeling, plenty of beach chairs, plenty of palm trees and, of course, a delicious barbeque lunch.

The ride to the beach is interesting to say the least.  I have never seen so many potholes in my life.  Our guide said not to worry because our driver had a PhD (Pot hole driver) which made everyone laugh.img_7977

By the time we reached the beach the sky was filled with thick, dark clouds and we were greeted with spits of rain as we walked to the beach.  We secured two beach chairs under a small palm tree and watched as several groups set off on a snorkeling tour.  I watched as they entered the water and based on their reactions knew the water was cold to the touch.  I walked over to the shoreline and stepped into the surf and learned for myself why they were making faces.


We spent our time reading and watching the activity on the beach.  At one point Randy took a stroll down the beach to see if Bananarama Beach had changed since we were here last.  It had not; it was still very nice.


Lunch time rolled around and we made our way up to the buffet.  It is a very nice area.  The buffet is under roof, there is a lovely sitting area in the open and a bar.  We were treated to music as we ate our lunch.



The lunch was just as we remembered, delicious.  There was barbeque chicken, rice and red beans, coleslaw, hamburgers, hot dogs and lovely fresh fruit.  There was watermelon, papaya, pineapple and cantaloupe.  The first time we came here I asked the ladies serving the food if I could get the recipe for the barbeque chicken.  They looked at each other and then back at me and with a sweet smile said, “No”.  Oh well, it was worth a try.




The bus took us back to the port and we spent some time walking through some of the shops, taking pictures by the Christmas tree and stopping at the Monkey La-La Snack Bar for a cold beer.  The snack bar extends over the water and we could see many, many small colorful fish swimming img_7999baround.



We returned to our cabin to see a plate of small, sweet treats waiting for us.  We dropped our beach things, went out to the balcony and enjoyed our treat as we watched passengers slowly make their way back to the ship.

Bosc Pear salad with mixed greens and walnuts. Yummy!

Bosc Pear salad with mixed greens and walnuts. Yummy!

Cherries Jubliee

Cherries Jubliee

All too soon it was time to prepare for the evening.  We made our way up to the lounge for cocktails then down to the dining room for dinner.  After eating the wonderful barbeque lunch at the beach I was not very hungry and decided to order a small salad and dessert for dinner.  Both choices were delicious.


Standing-Wayne, Mary Gail, Mike, Jim and Janet Mary. Sitting-Mary, Me and Randy

Standing-Wayne, Mary Gail, Mike, Jim and Janet Mary.
Sitting-Mary, Me and Randy

Once again we had a great time with our tablemates sharing our experiences both on the ship and on shore.


After the conga line wound its way around the Centrum they came together in a very tight circle. Funny!

After the conga line wound its way around the Centrum they came together in a very tight circle. Funny!

After dinner, Randy and I had decided to go to see the evening’s entertainment in the theater but as we walked past the Centrum our attention was pulled to see just what was happening.  We were up on deck 6 and had to look down.  I started to laugh out loud when I spotted a gentleman with a two-day growth on his face dressed in a pink polka dot dress, white patented leather heels and two huge balloons in the bodice of the dress.  Well, that is all it took.  We stood there for the next hour watching a game called Battle of the Sexes and laughed and laughed.

The women won the conga line challenge!

The women won the conga line challenge!

The men won on points for the game but the women won the most women to participate in the conga line.  Very funny!!

By now fatigue had set in and we decided to return to the cabin for a quiet evening.

Tomorrow we our port-of-call is Belize City, Belize.



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5 Responses to Holiday cruising on the Rhapsody of the seas – day 3

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    What a fun day it was!!!!! Great food at the beach and a fun time on the ship. What a bunch of laughs…..

  2. Rachel Herbig says:

    So glad you are living life large. Love your photos.

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    Wow. Fun, fun, fun and more fun.

  4. Barbara spivey says:

    Just returning from cruise aboard celebrity eclipse. Great Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas.

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