Rocking and rolling on the Rhapsody of the seas


We rocked and rolled all night long with sea swells of 4-5′ and yet we both slept well finding the motion of the ship quite comforting.

As night became day the swells grew to 9 and 10 feet and skies filled with heavy cumulus clouds. I stepped onto the balcony and was pleasantly surprised to feel warm air on my face.  “It is going to be a very nice day on the ship,” I thought to myself.

Randy went up to the concierge lounge to get us cups of hot café latte before preparing to meet Bob and Sandy for breakfast at the Edelweiss dining room on deck 4 at 8:30am.

We took this picture the last night on our December cruise on the Rhapsody

We took this picture with Maricel the last night on our December cruise on the Rhapsody.

As we waited to be seated we spotted our wonderful server Maricel from our last cruise.  When I saw an opening I walked over and gave her a big hug.  She was very happy to see us again.

There are several choices of dining areas for breakfast but Bob and Sandy both enjoy the quiet of the main dining room.  This beautiful dining room indeed offers one the experience of dining surrounded by elegance.

Edelweiss Dining Room

Edelweiss Dining Room

The dining room is beautiful and spans two floors with large windows, a beautiful chandelier, red carpeted grand staircase framed by palm trees and a beautiful white column that reaches up to the ceiling. I especially enjoy being able to watch the rolling seas out of the large windows.




The menu offered a wide variety of breakfast favorite that include eggs Benedict, omelets, pancakes, French toast, salmon, bacon, sausages, bagels, granola, yogurt, juices, coffee, tea and so much more.  I decided to order the French toast today and it was delicious.

Checking out the chair outside the Solarium Pool

Checking out the chair outside the Solarium Pool

After breakfast we took a walk over to the Solarium to hopefully find four chairs and settle down for the day.  We did manage to find four chairs so I ran back to the cabin and fetched books and magazines to read.

I had loaded my Kindle with several books but I knew that I would start my reading with a favorite I had been saving for this trip; Cross the Line by James Patterson.  I love the Alex Cross series and always save them for a time when I have very few interruptions.


At one point I put my book down to watch the clouds roll by and was struck to see two cloud formations one appeared to be the face of  a man and the other a woman slowly floating across the sky towards each other.  I was captivated watching as the two clouds slowly closed the gap finally meeting in what looked like one long eternal kiss.  I love watching clouds as they float, part and join other clouds to form all matter of shapes.

During the noon announcements Captain Tobias Oster reported that the outside temperature had dropped to 66 degrees and we were encountering seas of 9-12’.


Mid-afternoon we returned to the cabin to rest a bit and prepare for the evening activities.  When we opened the door we spied a covered plate.  Under the cover was a yummy looking selection of miniature desserts courtesy of Food Services. We enjoyed these as we dressed for the evening.


By now the swells had grown to 10-12’.  I spent some time on the balcony enjoying watching the angry sea.  The waves would swell forming large and small white caps.  They whitecaps would rise until it had reached its peak and send a salty spray high into the air.  There were white caps as far as the eye could see on the watery landscape.


We had to laugh as just a little before we left the cabin as there was a knock at the door.  On the other side of the door was a very nice gentleman holding yet another covered plate.  We lifted the cover to see a number of delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries courtesy of the Crown & Anchor Society.  We placed them in the refrigerator to be eaten later.


We started our evening in the Diamond Lounge.  Cocktail time was fun.  The four of us chatted about many things as we took in the goings on in the room.  The room was filled with so much laughter, so much camaraderie.   JJ came by, and to the surprise of Bob and Sandy, she started a little song she had made the day before using their names.  JJ is truly amazing.

We arrived on time for dinner and were surprised to learn that our servers had been replaced.  The new servers were very nice but seemed a little overwhelmed.  We explained that we wanted to attend the Captain’s reception and would not be staying for dessert.

Oakwood Smoked Chicken Breast

Oakwood Smoked Chicken Breast

img_8558Relaxing all day at the Solarium pool I was not very hungry and decided to choose my dinner from the starters menu.  I enjoyed a Shrimp Cocktail, a bowl of Chilled Banana and Rum soup with Tahitian vanilla cream and the Oakwood Smoked Chicken Breast with sliced green apples, toasted walnuts and red grapes with a blue cheese and chive dressing.  Each serving was the perfect size and delicious.


img_8567As soon as dinner time was over we made our way to the Centrum to attend the Captain’s reception.  The reception started with a variety of dance music played by members of the ship’s orchestra. They were very good.  We enjoyed a Champagne toast as the captain welcomed everyone on board and introduced members of his senior staff.

During his talk, Captain Tobias told everyone that there are, “70 couples on board celebrating an anniversary and 65 passengers celebrating a birthday” on this cruise.  He went on to announce how many passengers were on board from various countries.  We learned that there are 1,185 passengers from the U.S.A.


Captain Tobias graciously stayed in the Centrum for a while posing for pictures with passengers.  Randy and I were among those who had their picture taken.

We returned to our chairs and watched as couples took to the dance floor and twirled around the dance floor.

After a while we retired for the evening and returned to our cabin.  We spent some time sitting on the balcony, chatting quietly and enjoying our strawberries.  We both agreed that it had been a very good day.

Tomorrow we arrive in Roatan, Honduras.



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5 Responses to Rocking and rolling on the Rhapsody of the seas

  1. Connie Henderson says:

    Your captain looks old enough to be in college. I keep thinking of captains as burly old guys. I know that is not true. However, I am the old person now. Everyone seems young. Doctors, lawyers, sea captains and so forth. Sounds like a wonderful trip except for the 10′ crashing waves.

  2. Jim Morgan says:

    We get whitecaps like that on our toilet bowl when the wind’s up around here….

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    I actually like the rough weather and sleep quite well during the night. The goodies were great and so was our service at dinner. Another great day at sea.

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