A fun day in Roatan and a great evening of fun on the Rhapsody

The port of Coxen Hole

The port of Coxen Hole

After two evenings of high seas, I was happy to see a hint of blue skies and calm seas as we made our way to port.  By the time we docked the morning sky was filled with dark clouds. I looked at the Cruise Compass and it predicted that the day would be mostly cloudy with a temperature of 80°.   That sounded good to me.

Today we dock at the Honduras cruise port of Coxen Hole.  According to Wikipedia, “Coxen Hole is also known as Roatan Town and is the largest city on the Island of Roatán and is the capital of the Bay Islands department of Honduras”.

We have been to Roatan, Honduras several times over the years with family and friends and have docked at the cruise ports of Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay.  We have enjoyed the white sands of Tabayana and Banarama Beach and browsing the many small shops at the Coxen Hole cruise port.

We did not make arrangements for an excursion this trip waiting to see what Bob and Sandy would like to do.


The ship was greeted by a group of Garifuna musicians and dancers. We listened and watched for a while before turning our attention to getting ready for the day.  We kept the balcony door open so we could enjoy the music.

We totally missed turning our clocks back one hour which turned out to be a bonus as we had a little more time to have an extra cup of coffee before going down to the dining room to meet Bob and Sandy for breakfast.

While we enjoyed our breakfast, we talked about our day in port. Bob and Sandy said they just wanted to walk around the port for a bit then return to the ship.  Randy and I mentioned that in the several times we had been here we had never walked outside the gate and into the little town we could see from the ship.  We all agreed that that would be a fun idea and agreed to meet on the pier at 10:45am.


We walked past the little shops and made our way to the gate.  Once there we turned to the right and started our walk into Roatán Town.  We walked along looking at the buildings to our left and right.  To the right along the water, was the Straw Market and several bars and restaurants; to the left were several small buildings filled with local handicrafts and souvenirs.


We continued our walk and were solicited by several locals to show us around.  We thanked them and said we were just taking a walk and would not need a guide.  After a while we turned around and walked back to an establishment that looked interesting.




We stopped at the 2 Dove Bar & Grill to rest a bit and enjoy a local beer.  We chose a table at the back of the bar and had a wonderful view of the ship.



img_8580bWe looked over the menu but decided to eat lunch on the ship.  I must say that spied a few meals being delivered to other tables and the food look inviting.  Everyone who ordered seemed to enjoy their dishes.  I made a mental note to return to the 2 Dove the next time we find ourselves in Coxen Hole.  We had arrived a little early but by the time we left the tables were full of other visitors.

We walked back to the port looking at this and that as we walked along and finally boarded the ship.  We could not have been on the ship but a few moments when the skies opened up.  It rained hard for quite a while.  We made our way up to the Windjammer Café and enjoyed a lite lunch before returning to our cabin.

Randy and I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the balcony reading and watching people coming and going at the port.  Before long we prepared for evening cocktails and dinner.



It seemed as though cocktail time passed by quickly and it was time for dinner.  I was not very hungry and ordered a shrimp cocktail to start and a ‘lunch size’ Linguini with Pomodoro Sauce for my main dish.  I must admit though I was not too full to enjoy one of my very favorite desserts; Cherries Jubilee.


We planned on going to the headliner show this evening but it was early so we stopped at the Centrum to watch “The Battle of the Sexes” Game Show.  On our way there we ran into Activities Manager Dani dressed in a pink polka dot dress, white heels and a blonde wig. I could not resist asking if I could take a photo with him.  He said, “Absolutely”.  When I came over he said, “Touch my boobs”.  I thought I was going to laugh myself silly.


img_8610The game show is always fun as it pits men against women in a variety of challenges to see which group is the best.  There was a singing contest, passing along an orange from one person to the next via the neck, an balloon popping challenge that had people laughing hysterically and finally, a conga line challenge.  In the end the women won the game but everyone was awarded a prize.


img_8644bThen we were off to the Broadway Melodies Theater to see the headliner show featuring comedian and impressionist, James Stephens III.  The show was one I will remember for a long time and hope to see again.  This man with his impersonations of such stars as Michael Jackson, Elvis, Ray Charles, Prince, Bill Cosby and more and were all done perfectly.  When he said he was going to do Bill Cosby and we watched the transformation come across his face as he walked across the stage I almost jumped out of my seat; it was perfect. He spent his time on stage singing, transforming his body, face and voice to impersonate a variety of stars and played the piano all to delight of everyone in the audience.


Throughout his performance he interacted with the audience pulling several up on stage to perform funny stints.  Also, throughout his performance the audience came up out of their seats to show their appreciation for his talent.  Stephens was given a vociferous ovation that brought him back on stage several times.  What a great evening of entertainment!!

After the show Mr. Stephens was graciously posing for pictures with passengers. Very nice!

After the show Mr. Stephens was graciously posing for pictures with passengers. Very nice!

It had been a long and good day and it was time to turn in.  We returned to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we arrive in Belize City, Belize.



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2 Responses to A fun day in Roatan and a great evening of fun on the Rhapsody

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    Wonderful lazy day in Honduras!!!! Really liked James Stephens III. He was amazing!!!

  2. Bob and Sandy says:

    We sure had fun this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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