Two days of relaxation and fun on the Rhapsody of the seas


Yesterday when we arrived in the waters of Belize it was overcast and the air felt like rain.  The forecast was for partly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70’s so we made plans to go ashore for lunch at our favorite spot The Wet Lizard.

We met Bob and Sandy in the Diamond Lounge for breakfast and as we enjoyed our continental breakfast we watched as the sky became more and more threatening.  By the time we finished we had all come to the same conclusion; stay on the ship.

Part of the decision to stay on the ship was based on the fact that the ship does not dock at Belize City instead it anchors offshore and small boats called tenders taxi visitors to and from the ship.  Even with an umbrella we would have been soaked by the time we reached shore.


So, we decided to make our way to the Solarium find four chairs and relax poolside.  We had no trouble finding chairs as many passengers had left much earlier before the rain started.  Book and magazine in hand we settled down for a very pleasant day.


I walked over to the pool and dipped my toes into the pool ever so gently to test the temperature of the water; it was warm and inviting.  Several others joined me in the pool.  I met a very nice woman from Toronto and had a great time chatting.

The rain continued off and on all day.  We stayed at the pool through lunch and early afternoon.  But it was finally time to return to the cabin and prepare for evening cocktails and dinner.  Both were very pleasant.


img_8707bAfter dinner we attended the Crown and Anchor Society’s “Exclusive Top Tier Event” in the Shall We Dance Lounge.  Randy and I have come to enjoy these events.  The captain says a few words, members who have reach benchmark levels are introduced and honored, we are treated to a special presentation from members of the production cast and afterwards the floor is open for dancing.

There was a production show this evening but we decided to keep up the relaxation and headed back to the cabin and just kick-back and read a little before turning off the lights.

Sometime during the night I could felt that the waters becoming rougher and the wind was whistling through the overhead vent.  It made me wonder what the next day would bring.


img_4593bI rose early today and stepped out onto the balcony to watch the sun rise.  It was still dark but I could see a glimmer of the sun on the horizon.  I must have snapped 50 pictures while waiting.  Randy joined me bearing a gift of hot cups of café latte.  “Lovely”, I thought.


We sat and chatted quietly as we waited.  As always, the sun rise watching the sun rise was a wonderful and joyous event for the both of us to share.  We had to force ourselves to break away and get dressed and meet Bob and Sandy in the dining room.

Today we are to dock at Costa Maya, Mexico.  We all planned to catch a shuttle and make our way to the little village of Majahual find a umbrella table on the beach and enjoy lunch at the Krazy Lobster.

Tomato and cheese omelet, bacon and hash browns.

Tomato and cheese omelet, bacon and hash browns.

As we were enjoying our breakfast, the captain announced that the weather would not allow us to dock today.  He went on to explain that the rough seas and heavy winds would be dangerous to dock and since there were no other available ports we would spend the day slowly cruising to our next port-of-call Cozumel, Mexico.

As soon as the announcement was over we realized that everyone on the ship would have the same idea; stake out a deck chair near a pool.  By the time we arrived at Solarium all the chairs around the pool were covered with towels.  We did, however, find four deck chairs near the large windows and settle down but kept eyes on any chairs that were vacated.

The big disappointment about not docking today was a personal one.  Our friends Dennis, Connie, Eileen and Dennis were also arriving in Costa Maya today on a Norwegian cruise ship and the plans were to meet them on the beach. As the captain pulled away we could see that their ship had already made it into port.


The crew did an amazing job of creating a new Cruise Compass filled with many activities to fill up the day.  There was a Zumba class, Adult Baggo (bean bag toss) Competition, games show, table tennis competition, trivia games, dance classes, seminars, piano tunes in the Schooner Lounge, and so much more.  But, we had already made the decision to stay at the pool and so we did.

We had an amazingly good day anyway.  As we moved further away from Costa Maya the sun shone bright warming the Solarium.


The pool water was a little chilly when you first got in but before long your body temperature adjusted and it was very comfortable.  However, the turbulent sea waters caused the water in the pool to crash about sending everyone to and fro.  If you closed your eyes you could imagine that you were floating along at the beach we just left behind.  It was really quite fun!


img_8766Cocktails and dinner were wonderful as usual.  We finished our dinner and made our way to the Centrum to watch The International Parade of Flags.  This is always a color and fun event.  Members of the crew march onto the floor carrying flags that represent the countries they call home.  Once in a while a crew member would break away from the group and perform a traditional dance from their countries.  Fun!


Savannah Jack

Then it was off to the theatre to see tonight’s headliner group “Savannah Jack,” The write-up in the Cruise Compass read, “A high energy, crowd interactive experience, featuring music from all genres, tight harmonies, and incredible musicianship.  Something for everyone, and will be sure to leave you wanting more!”

The fiddler did an amazing job playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

The fiddler did an amazing job playing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

The group was all that and more.  High energy was an understatement as they played, sang, moved all around the stage and interacted with members of the audience.  And, yes, the audience wanted more and by applause brought them back to the stage more than once.


Before returning to the cabin, I stopped by the theater lobby and said a few words to members of the group, bought a CD and posed for a picture.

This was definitely a delightful day.

Tomorrow we dock at Cozumel, Mexico.




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3 Responses to Two days of relaxation and fun on the Rhapsody of the seas

  1. helffrich says:

    Sounds like an enjoyable couple of days even if you couldn’t go ashore.

  2. Diane Frisch says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun! We just cruised that route out of Galveston. Our ship had to make numerous port changes as well, but heavy fog was our problem. Like you, I found that RCCL did a great job of adapting to the changes and making things entertaining for us. Finding lounge chairs is always the tough part!

  3. Randy Chartier says:

    Disappointed that we didn’t make it to Costa Maya, a favorite of mine, but the day at the Solarium was very, very nice. Savanna Jack was really unbelievable and would like to see them again sometime.

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