A fun day in Cozumel, Mexico



I was up very early again this morning.  I tiptoed across the room and, as quietly, as I could and opened the balcony door and stepped outside.  The air was warm and the moon was still hovering overhead even though daylight was to come soon.


I sat and watched as we made our way into the International Port of Cozumel, Mexico.  A little later a Carnival Magic cruise ship made its way into the port.  The ship looked beautiful all lit up casting a beautiful golden glow on the water.


Randy had risen and ran to the Diamond Lounge to get us some coffee and joined me just as the sun broke across the horizon.  We sat there for a long time and we watched the Carnival Fantasy and the Carnival Vista made their way to dock at the International Pier.

We met Bob and Sandy at the dining room for breakfast and planned our day ashore.  After the last two days of rain, rough seas and high winds, we were excited when the captain announced that the skies would be sunny and the temperature would be in the 80’s.  “It is going to be a beautiful day,” I thought to myself.

Bob and Sandy had never explored the area around the International Pier so we offered to show them around and then take them to a new restaurant that we thought they would love.  The last time we were all in Cozumel we took a taxi to San Miguel to celebrate Bob’s birthday.

This visit Randy and I wanted to stay close to the pier.  Unfortunately, I am still dealing with a knee injury I incurred while on a cruise to Norway.  So, walking long distances was not an option.


We met on the pier at 10:30am and saw that the Brilliance of the seas was docked next to us.  We stopped for a moment to take a fun souvenir photo before walking through the port area and out into the town.


We have visited Cozumel many times over the years and remember when outside the port area around the International Pier was fairly desolate.  Over time many stores, restaurants and bars have sprung up giving visitors another option if they do not want to go downtown.  Me, I love walking down the streets of San Miguel.


We crossed the street from the pier is the outdoor Kukulcan Mall.  I love walking around, not because of the stores but I love the way they have included points of cultural history.  But first we took Bob and Sandy to a funny photo stop featuring a very large and scary shark.  Bob and Sandy climbed up the steps and had fun posing inside the mouth of the shark.  Very funny!


img_8793bWe continued our walk until we came upon another of my favorite sites at the mall, a Cenote.  The sign next to the first one we passed reads, “A cenote is a natural pit, or skinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath”.  The sinkholes are associated with the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings.  I think they are beautiful.



We walked around two admiring the trees, flowers and other foliage growing out of the cenotes.  We smiled when we spied several turtles swimming around the pool of water.




There was one store that caught our attention called La Ruta de las Indias.  The store was filled with beautiful armor, shields, firearms, swords, knives, model ships, nautical merchandise and so much more.  If I could, I would have spent a day just admiring everything in the store.



I wanted to make sure before we left the mall to show Bob and Sandy one of my favorite places in the mall.  We walked over to a pool of water with large cream colored squares.  On these squares were inscribed the symbols used on the Mayan calendar.


One stone described the Mayan Calendar Haab explaining, “The calendar Haab is based on the yearly path of the earth around the sun 365 days.  The Maya divided the year in 18 “months” of 20 days each.  The “Winal” plus 5 more days called “Wayeb”.


img_7395Lunch time was approaching so we left the mall and made our way to Ernesto’s just a few walk from the mall.  We discovered Ernesto’s last fall while on a cruise on the Freedom of the seas.  Again, I did not want to do a lot of walking so we asked a very nice man if he could point us to a local restaurant that would be good.  He wanted to know what kind of food we were interested in and we replied, “Mexican”.  With that he pointed us in the direction of Ernesto’s.


img_8817Ernesto’s is a small restaurant with seating inside and on a deck within view of the pier.  The sun was shining and a nice breeze blew across the water making it very comfortable.  We chose a table on the deck and had a great time eating cheese nachos, drinking Sol beer and watching as small boat after small boat discharged their passengers into the clear, turquoise water to do some snorkeling.


Our server came over and asked if were interested in dessert.  We asked for the menu and spied a dessert called Cozumel lime pie.  This was Cozumel’s version of the Key West Lime pie. We ordered one slice with four forks.  The pie had a thick graham cracker crust and the filling was wonderfully creamy.  I loved the little pieces of lime zest in the pie.  We all agreed that it was delicious.


img_8820We took a little time to take some pictures and then started to leave.  We thanked our server and made our way back to the port.  We had a great time and, yes, Bob and Sandy loved Ernesto’s. We will definitely come back again.



Thai Chicken Breast with mild red curry, edamame and shitake sauce, bok choy and steamed rice. YUMMY!

Cocktail and dinner time was wonderful.  I was a little hungry this evening so ordered the Roasted Peach Soup and Thai Chicken Breast for dinner.  Both dishes were delicious and I clean my plate.

The evening entertainment was a production show called “The Piano Man”, and while we thought it would be wonderful we decided to return to the cabin for a little reading before turning in for the evening.

Tomorrow we are at sea as we make our way back to Tampa.

The color of the water in Cozumel is so beautiful.

The color of the water in Cozumel is so beautiful.



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2 Responses to A fun day in Cozumel, Mexico

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    A great day in Cozumel. No rain, just nice warm temperatures, cold beer and fun with our friends.

  2. helffrich says:

    So sorry your knee is still a problem

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