Busy, fun last day on Rhapsody


I woke up this morning to a beautiful sky that had been painted in soft grays and bright yellows by heavenly hands; it took my breath away.  I sat quietly and just enjoyed the view.  I was also enjoyed feeling a warm breeze coming off the water.

I stepped back into the cabin and continued the packing I had started the night before while Randy went up to the lounge to get us some coffee before going to breakfast.  As I packed I became aware of the ship starting to rock and roll just a bit.

Packing finished, we made our way down to the dining room to meet Bob and Sandy for breakfast.  As we talked about our plans for the day everyone seemed to want to keep the momentum going of just kicking back and relaxing poolside.

After breakfast Bob and Sandy went down first to secure some chairs while Randy and I went about getting our photos, going to the casino to have fun with our three free pulls and stopping by the loyalty desk so Randy could thank Diane for her help during the voyage.

Once finished, we made our way to the Solarium and settled into our poolside chairs.  I settled in quickly and returned to my book.   It was hard to keep my attention on my book as I kept hearing a great deal of laughter from the pool.


I wanted to see what was happening so I walked over to the wall and looked over to see the pool water looking very much like a turbulent wave pool pushing people to and fro.  The smiles on their faces were wonderful to see.


The water was at once going side-to-side and then back and forth causing sprays of salt water reaching up to the top stairs of the pool. There was a crew member keeping a keen eye on the pool in case it became too turbulent and had to be closed.

Randy wanted to attend the Captain’s Corner with Captain Tobias Oster and so at around 10:45 he left and made his way to the Broadway Melody Theater.  The event is always interesting as passengers are given an opportunity to interact with the captain and some of his senior staff and ask questions about the ship and other ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet.

When he returned, I asked Randy what kind of questions people asked.  Randy said that questions came up about why we missed the port at Costa Maya, what happens to the waste food and sewage from the ship, what kind of pollution controls exist with regards to the fuel and the exhaust from the engines.

“Did you learn anything new,” I asked.

“I did.  I learned that the cruise ships have to use several types of fuel oil based on where they are cruising.  For example, regular bulk (heavy) oil can be burned in some places, but when returning to North American waters, they must switch to low emissions diesel oil to comply with the emission requirements for the USA & Canada,” Randy replied.

He handed me a sheet that was handed out at the event that listed vital statistics about the Rhapsody and other ships in the fleet.  The sheet included such interesting facts as the ship’s maiden voyage, the ship’s capacity of crew and passengers, a typical week’s consumption of food and drink, and a list of “fun facts” about the fleet.

I thought these fun facts were interesting so I will share:

  • Our Vision class vessels are 30% larger than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier at 109,000 register tons.
  • If you stood the Rhapsody of the seas on its bow, it would be nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower.
  • Rhapsody of the seas maximum cruising speed is approximately 22.5 knots (a little over 26 miles per hour).
  • Rhapsody of the seas has a volume of 7.5 million cubic feet, which is equivalent of a fleet about 75 Fuji-Film blimps. That’s a lot of exposure…
  • Rhapsody of the seas cost $275 million to build. For the same price, we could have bought more than 4,000 Jaguar XK-8 coupes.  Two for every guest onboard!
  • More than 900 miles of electrical cable run through the Rhapsody of the seas, enough to stretch from New York to Milwaukee.


While Randy was off to the theater, Bob decided he wanted to be a part of the fun in the pool.  It was fun to watch him as; he too, was floating at the mercy of the waves.  Very funny!



Sandy and JJ

All too soon it was time to prepare for the evening.  We met Bob and Sandy at the Diamond Lounge and had fun talking and laughing with JJ as we said our goodbyes.  We learned that in a few weeks she would be going home for vacation.  We wished her well and then it was hugs and picture time.





I love the last night’s dinner menu because it includes a dish that I have come to think of as comfort food; turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce.  Now, the dish comes with sweet potato mash and Brussels sprouts but I have always been able to request mashed potatoes and green beans and received both.  I enjoy this meal very much each time we sail.


About the time dessert rolled around music filled the and the dining room staff started making their way to the grand staircase.  Once there, they sang and danced as they thanked everyone for sailing on the Rhapsody and said their goodbyes.

Before we left the dining room for the last time we said our goodbyes to our wonderful servers Ervin and Daniel and our headwaiter Celso  We thanked them for their wonderful service and gave each one a big hug.

We said our good nights to Bob and Sandy and returned to our cabin to finish out last minute packing and relax; tomorrow would be an early day.  Randy and I were eager to get on the road early as our friends Jim and Vilma were arriving in the afternoon to stay for a few days.

Tomorrow we arrive in Tampa.



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One Response to Busy, fun last day on Rhapsody

  1. Randy Chartier says:

    Wow, what a day. So much to do, so little time. This trip has been a bit rough and I for one am looking forward to getting home to get ready for our friends to arrive. All in all, another great cruise.

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