Cruising to the Caribbean on the Oasis of the seas – Day 5

Morning view over the bow from the Solarium.

Oh my, what a busy, colorful, fun and beautiful day at sea!

The daily Cruise Compass called for partly cloudy skies today and what I saw when I stepped onto the balcony was bright blue skies and puffy white, marshmallow clouds.  I just knew it was going to be a wonderful day to be out and about around the ship.

Our first stop this morning was the Solarium for a light, healthy breakfast.   This is Randy’s favorite because he loves the variety of fresh fruits, cereals, nuts, yogurt parfaits, cheeses, etc. I walked around looking at all the wonderful choices and decided to choose a bit of cheese, sliced peaches, watermelon, sliced tomatoes and a large glass of orange juice.  An odd selection to be sure but it hit my taste sweet spot.

Breakfast done we were off to the pool for a relaxing morning in the sun.  We were fortunate to find two chairs and settled in for a relaxing morning.  I tried to read today but found myself enjoying watching the whisper thin clouds passing over the ship.  Cloud watching has become a treat for me whether I am poolside or relaxing on the balcony.

The first event we choose for today was the Men’s International Belly Flop Competition but it was still a little early so we decided to walk around a little before making our way down to the aqua theater.  On our travels we came across a small wonder, a beautiful flower jar and a scale model of the Freedom of the seas.

We found this beautiful small wonder by American artist Larry Kirkland featuring “Quartz Elements on Brazilian Agate”.  Mixed media.  The accompanying plaque read:

“Quartz is the second most common mineral in the Earth’s crust after feldspar.  The tight structure of the forms makes them prismatic and highly reflective of light.  Mixing with other minerals causes a myriad of colorations from clear and milky white to the black of onyx, reds of carnelian white to pinks, reds, greens and blues.  All are spectacular artworks of nature”.

We turned are saw this beautiful jar just steps away and stopped to admire the delicate work.  The piece was done by British artist Felicity Aylieff.  The title for the piece was “Flower Jar-Blue 2009…Glazed porcelain.  My title for this is beautiful!


The belly flop competition is always fun.  It is amazing to me to see who wins.  Sometimes the winner is a man who is of substantial girth and sometimes the winner if a man of slight build but has just the right technique.  Either way it is always fun to watch especially if the competitors ham it up just before they jump into the pool.

Well, today was no different. DreamWorks character King Julien joined the cruise staff and competitors to do a little dancing and horsing around before the competition began.  One by one the men jumped into the pool creating a variety of splashes.  One gentleman did a flip into the pool and was removed from the competition.

At the end of the competition a winner emerged and was presented with a trophy and allowed a victory walk across the pool surrounded by spray of water.  When he returned to the stage the cruise staff took away his trophy and presented him with a smaller version.  Very funny!  At the end of the event all the men made one last jump into the pool making quite a splash.  Fun, fun, fun!

We did not leave our seat instead remained to watch the colorful and fun Splish Splash Comedy Dive Show.  The aqua theater cast dons colorful costumes and performs aerial, acrobatic and diving feats that leaves everyone laughing and wanting more.  These performers are very talented!

We had a wonderful morning and afternoon but it was time to return to the cabin and prepare for the evening.  Tonight our group leaders June and Frank scheduled a cocktail party giving the group an opportunity to get together and share their cruise experiences.

We sat with several couples in our group enjoying a drink or two and lively conversation before moving on to the dining room.

Dinner was yummy again this evening starting with an Insalata Caprese with red, ripe roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and an herb pesto.  Staying with the Italian theme, I chose the Cheese Tortelloni for my main course.  The cheese tortelloni was served with a parmesan-reggiano, blue cheese sauce that was just yummy.

Of course, I had to finish this lovely dinner off with a delicious dessert.  Tonight I enjoyed the Royal Chocolate Cake with dulche leche, chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream.  The cake was so rich and chocolaty; it was delicious and the perfect end to a perfect dinner.

We had reservations for the Frozen In Time ice show so we made our way quickly to Studio B.  On our way on the elevator, I, once again, admired the beautiful bird sculpture in the elevator shaft.  The sculpture created by contemporary artist Carlos Betancourt is called “A Flock of Seagulls” featuring a flock of seagulls of various sizes, shapes and tails.  Each seagull is painted with beautiful flowers.  The seagulls are suspended on cables allowing them ‘flight’ with the movement of the ship.  There are so many beautiful things to see on the ship that I feel I am cruising on a floating museum.

“The Ugly Duckling”

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

When we arrived at Studio B the seats were filling up fast.  We were fortunate to find two seats in the front row of the center section.  “How wonderful,” I thought. I never get tired of this amazing ice show. The show is a fun look at the world of Hans Christian Andersen stories.  Andersen’s stories covered in the ice show include “The Snow Queen”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and more.  The music, costuming and choreography were wonderful.

After the show we took a leisurely walk across the Royal Promenade before returning to our cabin for a little relaxation before turning in for the night.

Tomorrow we dock at Cozumel, Mexico.



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2 Responses to Cruising to the Caribbean on the Oasis of the seas – Day 5

  1. Mary Odders says:

    Hi Mary,
    What fun you had!!! Food looked really good too. By the way, I have that same dress…the green one..also got a blue one similar to it. Also by the way, Randy looked wonderful and very handsome. Nice going, Mary
    Mary Odders

  2. Randy J Chartier says:

    Ahh, another busy day at sea. Relaxing, going to shows and having a nice time on board the Oasis of the Seas. I am ready for Cozumel!!!!

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