Turnaround day: new cabin, new table mates and more fun

Turn around day tends to be fairly relaxed.  No rushing to get a quick breakfast, get to your assigned waiting area, getting through customs and then the making your way home.  And yet, here we were at 5:30 AM standing on our balcony as the ship slowly made its way to port.

One of my favorite breakfast meals; French toast and very crisp bacon.

We did not linger long on the balcony as there was a chill in the air.  Because we were in no hurry, we made our way down to the dining room and had a lovely breakfast then returned to our cabin until it was time to go to the theater with the other consecutive cruisers.

We did not have to wait long before we were escorted to customs and returned to the ship.  This would be our first time to have a cabin at the back of the ship so we walked up to deck 10 to see if we could get a sneak peek.  The lovely gentleman who would be taking care of our cabin told us the door was open and to go right ahead.

We had a balcony cabin and, oh what a balcony.  This was the largest balcony we have had to date.  There were two lounge chairs, two regular chairs and a table.  So much room, we were in heaven.  Alex told us the cabin would be ready in an hour.  Happy, we left and walked down to the Colony Club to wait.

Ooops! Randy got to the cookies before I could get a photo. Funny!

The hour passed quickly and we returned to our new cabin.  Our luggage was in the cabin as well as a welcome plate of cookies.  Randy and I unpacked and settled in until it was time for the safety drill.

Randy had received an email from a friend alerting us to the fact that a bus filled with members of our community would be boarding the ship.  Excited, I called and connected to friends Ron and Connie and we made plans to meet for breakfast in the Windjammer in the morning.

After the safety drill, we made our way up to the pool deck to watch as the ship made its way through the channel and into open waters.  The ‘Sail Away’ party was in full swing when we arrived.  I couldn’t believe it.  Every lounge chair was full, there were many people already enjoying the cool waters of the pool and the activities staff had happy people line dancing to the ‘Wobble’.

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the seas

We passed the Rhapsody of the seas and the American Victory Ship and Mariners Museum.  The American Victory is one of only 4 fully-operational WWII Ships in the country.  There was a sailing vessel tied up to the American Victory but I could not read her name.  She was beautiful.

As we continued to cruise through the channel we saw many beautiful homes on one side of the channel and a large commercial area on the other.  Then we saw a lovely sight.  There on a large grassy area was of a large group of children having fun hunting for Easter eggs.

Randy enjoying the view from our balcony as we head into open waters.

Before we knew it, it was time to return to the cabin and prepare for the evening activities.  We arrived at our new table and were very happy.  This trip we were seated at a table for six.  We met our new table mates Monroe, Martha, Mike and Jessica and felt that dinner time would be a great deal of fun for the next five days.

By the time dinner was over I was feeling a bit tired and wanted to return to the cabin.  Randy went on to the theater for the headliner show featuring the comedy of Steve Smith.  We had seen Smith on the first leg of our cruise and wondered if he had a different act.  He did not so Randy returned to the cabin and we settled down for the evening.

View of the sun setting from our balcony.

We both just wanted to spend time on our balcony.  The sun was setting and offered us a very new perspective as the sun was setting to our left.  I could only catch a glimpse of the sun as it slowly dropped down below the horizon leaving hues of red, yellow and orange in its wake.

On our way!

Tomorrow we are at sea as we make our way to our first port-of-call.



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4 Responses to Turnaround day: new cabin, new table mates and more fun

  1. bob and Chris Messersmith says:

    great blog! Where did you guys park in Tampa?…Bob

    • Randy J Chartier says:

      Bob, it was Park4Cruise.com, right next to the parking structure and they drove us to the ship. It was about 1 block away from the ship.

  2. Randy J Chartier says:

    The turn around went smoother than I expected and our new room is nice, as we are surrounded by Jr suites and suites. The balcony is very spacious, with a Table and 2 chairs like on a standard balcony, but also 2 chaise lounges with room for more…. Will look for this cabin in the future.

  3. Genny says:

    I thought when you cruised back-to-back on the same ship, you kept the same room, but you did not. Why not?

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