Road trip – Family, friends and celebrations IV

Rolling surf at Rehoboth Beach on an overcast morning.

We woke up to yet another damp and drizzly day.  After a light breakfast, hugs and kisses all around with Bill and Jane we hit the road again and headed in the direction of the Eastern Shore.

Despite the fact that it was a Sunday morning and the weather was a little challenging the drive over to the shore was quite nice.  Our first stop would be in Lewes, Delaware to see our friend Len.  We learned a while ago that he had moved from his home in North Carolina to Lewes, Delaware to be closer to his brother.

I have been friends with Len for almost 25 years.  We met at a time that was difficult for both of us in a support group called Parents without Partners.  I eventually moved over to a support group called New Beginnings, however, Len and I maintained our friendship.

When it came time for Randy and me to say our wedding vows I asked Len, who I thought of as a older big brother, if he would walk me down the aisle; and he said,”Yes”. Len even helped us move from the Northern Virginia to our new home in Florida after Randy and I retired.

Len looked great!  We spent a couple of hours talking about his move, his new lady love, bridge tournaments he participates in and his future plans.

It always amazes me that you can go long periods of time not seeing or talking to someone and yet when you meet again it was as though you had only been apart a blink of the eye.  No awkwardness, no hesitations just pick up where you left off and keep going.  I love it!

We said our goodbyes and promised to come back again. Back in the car again we drove the short distance to Rehoboth Beach to see our friends Steve and Debby.

What a wonderful visit!  Our first day with Steve and Debby was marked by a delightful evening of conversation and enjoying a delicious home cooked of steak, baked potato, salad and strawberry short cake dinner.

After a very restful night, we drove over to a restaurant named Goolee’s Grille for a wonderful, wonderful breakfast.  Goolee’s Grille is a small breakfast-lunch restaurant that, according to Steve and Debby, is the best for a great breakfast.

Now, I am very particular about my eggs and bacon.  One egg over medium and please be sure the white is cooked (I do not like runny whites – and not all restaurants will cook one egg) and very crisp bacon, (I cannot eat slightly cooked bacon).  I also ordered the breakfast potatoes and rye toast.  I loved that they had rye bread as one of the options, not all restaurants do.  My entire breakfast was cooked to perfection!

From Goolee’s we took a ride over to the beach.  I had never been to Rehoboth and liked very much the small main street with the large gazebo in the center.  Debby said that periodically there are concerts there.  “How nice,” I thought.  We Walked down the boardwalk enjoying being outside.  It was damp, a little chilly and once in a while we would feel a few sprinkles of rain but I was happy to be at the beach.

I mentioned to Debby that I would like to stop somewhere along the boardwalk to get some salt water taffy (One of my very favorite candies at the beach).  We stopped at Dolle’s and I went inside to make those very important decisions about what flavor salt water taffy would I choose.  I was in heaven.

Steve and Debby wanted to take us on a drive of the historical area of Lewes and then over to Henlopen State Park.  While driving through the historical area we drove by a home called the “Cannonball House”.  Evidently, this is the last remaining Lewes house bearing the ‘scar of the War of 1812’.  The patch on the foundation shows where the cannonball struck the house on April 6th or 7th, 1813.

We continued our morning drive and went to Henlopen State Park to take a walk around the historical area of Fort Miles.  According to the signage around the area, Fort Miles was built to,  “Stem the tide of war against German invasions along the Atlantic Seaboard that, at the onset of World War II, appeared unstoppable”.


The area includes Battery 519, six barracks buildings, a fire control tower, an orientation building, and the Fort Miles Artillery Park.  We decided to walk around the area stepping into one of the barracks, looking over the administration building and looking out over the waterway they were protecting.  I was taken aback at how austere the barracks building looked.  We also stopped and examined several of the guns that were used to defend the shore.

The grounds are open daily for visitors but the museum is only open for guided tours.  Randy and I both decided that the next time we come up we will make arrangements for a guided tour.Before leaving to head off to our next stop on our road trip, Steve and Debby took us to Mr. P’s for a delicious lunch.  We ordered a pizza and it was delicious.  We returned to the house to pack the car, set the GPS for our next stop and said our goodbyes.

Our next destination was Atlantic, Virginia to visit Jim and Peggy.



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6 Responses to Road trip – Family, friends and celebrations IV

  1. Genny says:

    Where is Atlantic, VA?

    • Hi Genny, The answer to your question is: Atlantic is an unincorporated census-designated place in Accomack County, Virginia. As of the 2016 census, its population was 963. Our friends home is located on Bogues Bay just across from Wallops Island. They are a short drive to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague Island National Seashore.

  2. MCDONNELL says:

    Next time you are in Lewes, come see us. We are 2 miles from Cape Henlopen.

  3. Bob and Sandy says:

    Another blog from our former “neck of the woods”. Have been to Rehoboth many times and it is indeed a wonderful area. And what a beautiful wedding picture Mary!!!! Lew was a very good choice to walk you down the aisle to Randy.

  4. Randy J Chartier says:

    Great visit with our friends in the Lewes/Rehoboth area. I know we missed some of you, but we will be back again.

  5. helffrich says:

    You sure had your share of rain, but it didn’t seem to affect you much.

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