Lovely day cruising around Casco Bay in Portland, Maine

As I slowly awoke from a very restful sleep, I saw a sliver of light coming through the curtain and jumped out of bed and grabbed my camera.

The air was heavy with mist as I stepped out onto the balcony and caught sight of a beautiful lighthouse and beautiful homes scattered along the coastline.

What is it that we find so beautiful about lighthouses?  Is it the different shapes, the colors or is it that when we see one off in the distance with its light shining we all filled with a sense of well-being and safety?  I think they are beautiful.

The rising sun cast a glow on the city a we approached the pier.

Today we dock in Portland, Maine. Portland has a population of just over 67,000 and is Maine’s second largest cruise port.

We visited Portland on the second leg of our cruise but did not get the opportunity to do much as we were on a mission to find a pharmacy to get me some medication for a very bad cough.

We did not schedule a tour today opting instead to check out the tours available outside the pier.

First things first, we went up to the concierge lounge for a quick breakfast of coffee, fruit and pastries.  Then back to the cabin for a quick look at our email and check in with friends then off the ship to start our day in the city.

After seeing what tours were available, we decided to take a trolley tour around the city and were given instructions to the ticket booth.  The ‘short’ walk to the book was a little longer but was very pleasant as the temperatures had already reached into the mid-70s and were going up.

When we arrived we learned that the next trolley tour would be quite a wait so we decided to take the ‘Lighthouse Lovers Cruise’ that would be taking off in just a little bit.  The tour was a, “Narrated 60-minute scenic cruise through busy Casco Bay and its innermost islands to see lighthouses, forts, lobster boats, seals and seabirds”.

Our tour boat.

While we waited for our tour to start we walked along the dock and came across a piece of history.  There on the Old Port near DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant was a piece of the Berlin Wall.  Very interesting!

The captain of the tour boat and our narrator were just wonderful  As we cruised through the bay the captain would alert us whenever he spotted a seal and periodically slow down the craft to allow us a steady hand to take pictures of the lighthouses.

Bug Light

Spring Point Light



The narrator imparted all that he knew, and his knowledge was considerable, about the history of Portland, the bay, lighthouses and islands.


Portland Head Light

Ram Island Light


We passed the Portland Harbor Breakwater Light (Bug Light), the Spring Point Ledge Light, the Portland Head Light and the Ram Island Ledge Light.  According to our narrator, the Portland Head Light is Maine’s oldest and most photographed lighthouse.  Interesting sights included the Indian Head on Cushing Island, Fort Georges, and a number of other islands.

Indian Head on Cushing Island

Fort Georges

While on the tour, we recognized a couple from the ship.  After we returned to the pier we introduced ourselves and asked if they would like to go get some lunch.  Frank and Judy said, “Yes” and off we went.

From the pier we could see an outdoor restaurant that looked interesting.  The Portland Lobster Company actually had an indoor restaurant.  Outside was the bar and patio.  We opted to go to the patio.  We had to wait a bit for a table to come available but it was worth the wait.

Randy ordered a cup of New England clam chowder and I ordered (now do not laugh) Chicken tenders off the children’s menu.   But the best thing on the menu was Sea Dog Blueberry Ale.  This blueberry beer is so good!

We sat back enjoying the beautiful weather, fun background music and set about getting to know our new found friends.  We had a delightful time and looked forward to seeing them again on the ship.  After lunch, Frank and Judy left to do a bit of shopping.  We took a very slow walk back to the pier and the ship.

We returned to the cabin for a short rest before preparing for cocktails and dinner.  Dinner was wonderful as always.  Fred, Gayle, Larry, Sue, Joe, Cindy, Craig and Maryann are so much fun to be with.

As usual, we all lingered for a long time after dinner before going our separate ways for the evening.

Taken on first leg of our cruise

The headliner entertainment for the evening was a group called Rookie.  We first saw this fun group of entertainers on the trans-Atlantic portion of the 3-leg cruise.  Actually, we saw their performance twice and both times they were just wonderful.  The group is a Canadian rock and roll cover band performing songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

We finally retired to our cabin for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we dock in Boston, Massachusetts.




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2 Responses to Lovely day cruising around Casco Bay in Portland, Maine

  1. Randy J Chartier says:

    Great excursion and even greater lunch with new found friends from Florida. Beautiful day.

  2. Genny says:

    Loved all the lighthouse pics!!

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