Here, there and everywhere – June Part II

Front of the house

What a beautiful start to the day.  The skies were clear, the temperatures were in the mid-seventies and we were on the last leg of our road trip to visit our friend in Vermont.  We stopped for a quick breakfast and set off on our way.

As we rode along the back roads to our destination, I gazed out the window and for as far as the eye could see was lush green foliage covering the nearby mountains and beautiful farmland.  I remember remarking to Randy, “I can understand why Vermont is called the Green Mountain state”.

I remember taking a few moments to look up where the nickname for Vermont came from.  I found a bit of trivia which read: “Vermont is an English form of the name that French explorer Samuel de Champlain gave to Vermont’s Green Mountains on his 1647 map. He called them “Verd Mont” meaning green mountain”.

We reached Manchester late morning and just a few more minutes later we were pulling into the driveway of Ellen’s summer vacation hideaway.  The white house, large barn and all the trees encircling the grounds made for a picturesque setting.

We spent a few moments taking our luggage into the house and were off with Ellen to downtown Manchester and then off to lunch.  The plan was to drive a little around town, stop and have a late lunch and then stop to pick up supplies for the week.  The first thing that struck us was the roundabouts in town especially as we watched a very large delivery truck maneuvering the circles.  Randy does not like to drive in roundabouts.

Double Hex is a Pennsylvania Dutch term meaning “double welcome”.

Small garden outside the restaurant.

Ellen took us to a restaurant called Zoey’s Double Hex.  When Ellen explained that the restaurant boasted a large variety of burgers and deli sandwiches I was hooked.  The inside of the restaurant had a very friendly feel and we settled into look over the extensive menu.  I decided to order the Turkey BLT and loved my choice.  The turkey was fresh roasted and delicious, the bacon was very crisp and the tomatoes were fresh and tasty, cranberry mayonnaise and piled into two slices of marble rye.  Best of all were the home-made chips that came with the sandwich.

Turkey BLT and homemade chips. YUMMY!

Cute bear sculpture outside the restaurant.

We spent our time catching up to what Ellen had been up to since she came to Manchester and were given a little history of the area and the time she and her family had spent here when she was a young girl.

By the time we finished lunch; we decided to shop for supplies the next morning and went back to the house.  Ellen took us on a tour of the house and we settled down for a lazy afternoon and evening.

As we sat there Ellen asked, “What would you like to do tomorrow?  What would you like to do while you are here?”  She listed a few ideas all of which sounded wonderful.

Randy looked over at Ellen and said, “Everything sounds good but tomorrow I would really like to just relax at the house”.

After driving such a long distance for the last two and a half days I just want to relax,” he explained.  We all agreed that would be a very good idea.

The weather had cooled considerably as early evening came around so Ellen lit a fire in the fireplace.  We all settled down in front of the fire for a quiet evening before retiring.  “What a cozy way to end the day,” I thought and settled into my chair.

We were tired and retreated to our bedroom around 9:30pm and were surprised that the sky was still bright.  We were even more surprised when a little after 4:00am to saw the morning light streaming into our room.

Morning view from the back door

I went downstairs and was immediately struck by the beauty of what I was seeing through the sliding glass door.  There behind the house was the most beautiful sight to a city girl.  I grabbed my camera and made my way outside to a view several green covered mountains under a bright cloud covered sky.

True to his word, Randy spent his day just kicking back and relaxing.  He and Ellen got into a discussion about researching their roots.  Randy mentioned that several members of his family had done some ancestry work but there were still holes in his family’s story.

Ellen is very involved in family history and volunteered to help Randy fill in some of those holes. But first, we were off to the market to get our food supplies and more wood for the fire.


Ellen and Randy then spent the rest of the day doing research and talking.  I decided to walk the grounds and see what I could see. On the side of the house was a small but lovely patio with a large fireplace.

The barn

Up a small hill from the house was a large barn.  Ellen mentioned that the owner owned a horse.  The barn was locked but I was able to open the door just a bit to peek inside and saw three stalls.

I continued my walk around the back of the house to see a large grassy paddock area with a tree in the center and a forest of trees on the other side of the back fence.   There were several small flower patches here and there as I walked along.

The exterior of the house is beautiful and very simply stated.  The interior is a wonderful mixture of styles that all complement each other.  I loved everything with my favorites being the beautiful wood construction and the large stone fireplace that serves both the living room and the porch on the other side of the wall.

I found myself fixated on the beautiful wood walls and beams inside the house.  I learned that the interior was built with dowel and peg construction.  I just loved that the pegs were exposed.  I had never seen this type of construction and thought it was just beautiful!

Left: Loft bedroom and bathroom. Loved the claw foot bathtub. Right: Stairway to loft and view from loft to living room.

When you enter the front door the master bedroom and bathroom are to the right.  The dining area and kitchen are to the immediate left.  Beyond the kitchen is a lovely living room with the most beautiful stone fireplace.  There are stairs that lead to a small loft with a bedroom and bathroom.  “I love this house,” I told Ellen.

Left:: kitchen and master bedroom. Right: Dining area and porch.

Ellen prepared a wonderful dinner and then we settled down again for a lovely evening of talk and watching a little television.

Randy came out a little later and took a panorama. Beautiful!

Randy was a happy camper having been able to just relax all day.  Tomorrow we are off on a tour of covered bridges in the surrounding area.



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5 Responses to Here, there and everywhere – June Part II

  1. Tina Montalbano says:

    What a gorgeous house and surrounding land. The kind of place you can really relax in. Enjoy!!!

  2. helffrich says:

    I love the pictures of the beautiful house and landscape. I lived most of my life a half hour from Vermont, and never knew where the name came from.

  3. Randy J Chartier says:

    What a great place to spend some time away from the heat of summer in Florida. The view was spectacular and the fresh air was great.

  4. Sal says:

    It looks like a nice place to spend a month in the summer. I was in the Mt. Snow area in Vermont for the month of August in 2010. The weather was great for playing golf.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful home. And Vermont like NH where we are from originally are beautiful states. Glad you and Randy had such a nice visit.

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