Here, there and everywhere – June Part IV

We woke up today to another gloomy morning.  The skies were gray and there was a threat of rain in the air.

Today Ellen is taking us to the Vermont Country Store in Weston, Vermont.  But first things first Ellen would be taking us to a great place for breakfast.

The Vermont Country Store was opened by Vrest and Ellen Orton in 1946 in Weston, Vermont.  According to their history, “The Weston store was the first restored rural general store in the nation”.

After a short ride, we stopped at Bob’s Diner. Randy and I love eating at diners; the food is always great.  And, our breakfast at Bob’s did not disappoint.  Randy and I both ordered the American Standard which included two eggs, home fries and toast.  We added crisp bacon to top off our breakfast. Everything was cooked perfectly especially the home fries; they were the best.

Fortified with a hearty breakfast, we were back on the road and on our way towards Weston and the Vermont Country Store.  We made one detour to visit Hapgood Pond located in the northeastern port of the Green Mountain National Forest.  Ellen shared that she and her family spent many wonderful times at this recreational area when she was a young girl.  The lake was lovely but it was cold and rainy so I did not stay out of the car for too long.


The first night we were on the road to Vermont we spent the night at an EconoLodge.  On the desk in our room was a rubber duck atop a business card.  The card read: “Meet your new Ducky!  If you so choose to give ducky a new home we ask that you take it on your travels and take some pictures”.  The card suggests that you then share the pictures on your social media pages.  Well today, I decided to take Ducky on our outing at the Vermont Country Store.

We arrived at the store and I saw a lovely red building and thought to myself, “Okay, so what is the big deal”.  Then we went inside.  Oh my, what a place!  The store seemed to go on and on.  And, within its walls were so many goods that brought me back in time to my childhood.


Everywhere we looked there was something that jumped out of my past.  I spotted scrub boards and a wringer washer that brought back memories of standing in the kitchen scrubbing my brother’s diapers before hanging them on the line outside the window.  Imagine how happy I was when my mother bought a wringer washer.


I came across a section of tub toys, sponges, soap on a rope, and cans of silly string and decided this would be a perfect display to take a picture of Ducky. I thought that was kind of fun and decided I would look for other opportunities to take his picture.

My next stop was the book and games section.  I saw so many books I remember from the childhood like Caps for Sale and Ferdinand that it made me smile.  It made Ducky smile too.

Ducky also liked being photographed at the Vermont maple syrup display.  Too funny!

I continued my walk and came upon displays that included penny candy (of course it is not a penny anymore), a toaster that only toasted one side of the bread at a time, cans of Charles Chips, kitchen linens, kitchen gadgets, rugs, fudge, cheeses and lunch meats.  “What a wonderful variety of goods this store has,” I said to Randy.

Yes, I bought a few things.  I bought some Bit O Honey candy and packaged soups and treats for Kristine’s kitty and dog.



We walked out the front door and spotted a Christmas shop across the street.  Well, I can never pass up an opportunity to go Christmas shopping so off we went.  I started a tradition many years ago of picking out new angels for myself and my girls Christmas trees.  After looking at all the beautiful ornaments I chose three angels that I thought would be just perfect.


It was lunch time so we decided to stop at the Bryant House Restaurant.  The Bryant House Restaurant is a farm-to-table restaurant taking advantage of the artisan foods nearby and features traditional foods of New England.  The restaurant is located in the Bryant House, built in 1827.

The one item on the menu I was so excited about was a very favorite drink of mine from the days I lived in New York.  On the menu was a Chocolate Egg Cream.  This lovely delight is made with milk, bubbly seltzer water and thick chocolate syrup.  Oh my, the memories of the neighborhood candy store came rushing into my mind.

I was not very hungry so I decided to order a tossed salad and a johnnycake.  I had no idea what a johnnycake was but thought I would give it a try.  The salad was fresh and delicious.  Ellen explained that a johnnycake is like a corn muffin.  The cake is fried cornmeal gruel, made from yellow or white cornmeal mixed with salt and hot water or milk, and sometimes sweetened.  This johnnycake was sweetened with molasses.  I must have been hungrier than I thought because I did not take any pictures of my food.  Oops!

Before leaving Ellen and I went into the main room of the restaurant to look over the antique soda fountain.  The soda fountain was built by the James W. Tufts Company in Boston in 1885.  A sign posted near the soda fountain read: “The soda fountain is made of rare Italian marble, German silver and ebony wood.  It was quite beautiful!

What a fun day.  After lunch we climbed back into the car and slowly returned home.  It was late afternoon when we finally arrived and decided to just kick-back and relax for the rest of the day.  It was another cool evening so Randy built a cozy fire in the fireplace and we settled down to watch the next episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Tomorrow we stay close to home and attend a Street Fest in downtown Manchester.

We found a Luna Moth on the ground when we came out of the store. We stopped to check to see if it was okay; it was.



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5 Responses to Here, there and everywhere – June Part IV

  1. Randy J Chartier says:

    What a cool place. It brought back so many memories from the past.

  2. Judy says:

    Love those Country Stores just like you visited.

  3. Judy says:

    Our son lives in Waitsfield. Love Vt.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Sounds lovely. 🙂

  5. helffrich says:

    How fun. I love Ducky. He certainly had a good time too.

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